ANN Inc.

7 Timese Square, NYC

At ANN INC., we believe that "fit" is about more than what looks good. It needs to feel right, too. It comes from understanding what makes a woman tick, her multilayered world, inner passions and natural desire to share her best self with others.

"Fit" can't be summed up in a job description. But people who fit connect with all the things a woman values, believes in, supports, defends, embraces and loves. They're believers in fashion first, and people always. They're the "one in a million" candidates we covet.

A great fit brings out the best in you. It makes you stand tall, shine, and move forward with confidence. In fashion and in a career, fit is everything. Best of all, you can have both -- right here.

Today, ANN is represented by two brands with multiple channels of distribution. As of January 2012, we operate 953 retail stores in 46 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, comprised of 280 Ann Taylor Stores, 501 LOFT stores, 99 Ann Taylor Factory stores and 74 LOFT Outlet Stores along with our e-commerce web sites anntaylor.com and LOFT.com. Expansion into Canada is underway.