Cesare Bracco


Torino, Italy

I love being creative. This led me, on one hand, to be a mathematician, where original thinking is mandatory, and, on the other hand, to have a strong passion for visual arts, where I can be both creative and communicative. I design illustrations and cartoons for various purposes; I am also author of short experimental games. Check my resume if you're curious to learn more!

Sample illustrations

  • logo/mascot for BeBuddha Jewelry
  • Sample of a promotional comic strip for a coffee brand
  • Proposal of  new cover for the book "A little history of the world" by E.H. Gombrich
  • Artwork for unreleased "zombie project"
  • artwork for BeBuddha Jewelry
  • Lazy man
  • Cloud vs Sun
  • Portrait inspired by korean traditional art
  • Running in the city
  • Universe Olympic Games