The Opportunity

We are a pretty busy shop these days at Modern Tribe. We're always looking to meet more HIGHLY DETAIL ORIENTED digital designers to join our team. We'll either have a project that needs your help directly or, we'd like to have the chance to get to know you and your work for future opportunities that come up.

We're looking for experienced designers, comfortable working at any point in the design process. Our designers are experienced in UX, love research, insist on wireframing, and are comfortable reading and writing spec documents. Whether we're designing applications, new products, or websites - our designers are focused on empowering users and achieving results.

We're looking for people that equally at home in visual design. You recognize that business objectives and user objectives trump personal preferences. You've got a passion for typography, grid systems, and recognize that words are design tool. You know that any thing you design works as part of a larger system.

Above and beyond your individual talents, we're looking for someone to join our team. We're a very collaborative bunch, eager for feedback. The work we execute is the product of the team. If you're excited about learning from others, and helping others - you'll find a good home here.

If that sounds like you, get in touch.

The Company

Modern Tribe is a digital agency with a modern twist. We are a product company. We are educators. All freelancers. All experts. In today's world, we get to be many things to many people.

We believe in making quality products for other people and ourselves, balanced by living quality lives. We are 100% distributed & our team is spread around North America (and a touch in Latin America & Europe). We believe in a class of artisans and craftsman in control of their work who solve people problems rather than just build more crap. We believe in a sustainable vision of open source, and contribute consistently into the ecosystem.

Team Requirements

We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

  • HAPPY- Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.
  • HELPFUL - Always looking for ways that you can help others.
  • CURIOUS - It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.
  • ACCOUNTABLE - Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.
  • A FREELANCER - This means that if you live within the USA, you will also maintain your own personal client list and that Modern Tribe will only comprise a proportion of your total income. Regardless of where you live, you need to be already freelancing.

For this role specifically, you should have a strong background in design and a portfolio full of work you're proud of.


  • Execute design thinking tactics - write user profiles and flows
  • Transition strategic work into wireframe and UX guides for a wide variety of experiences
  • Integrate stringent brand guidelines to create a rich look and feel
  • Take UI screens to PSD, give them a personality and polish them to a shine. Get the gutters, corners, colors, fonts consistent and clean
  • Make sure that design elements are used correctly across an entire system
  • Work with the development team to realize designs, conduct design QA, and aid in interaction design

Personal Competencies

  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Strong communication and/or experience working as part of a remote team
  • Ability to prioritize own workload and work to exacting deadlines
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Desire to constantly learn about the industry
  • Fluent English speaker

Knowledge Experience

  • Strong Adobe experience
  • Impeccable typography skills
  • Comfortable talking with clients and presenting work
  • Engaged in design community, current on contemporary design strategy
  • Understand the implications of responsive and the impact on design
  • Competency in code - we expect a general understanding of how technology works
  • Passion for detail and standards

Bonus Points

  • Experience in content creation, marketing, and copywriting
  • Demonstrable history of product definition and design
  • Understanding of product development lifecycle


Work from anywhere in the US or Canadaor around the the world, so long as you are completely and genuinely fluent in English and work during US hours. There is an opportunity to work in our office in Minneapolis as well.


Pay range is USD $30-60 per hour commensurate with background, qualifications and experience. We often start our freelancers on a one time contract position (though we are always seeking long standing relationships with kick-ass people).

How to Apply

After you've read the gig listing in full, fill out the form below to apply. Make sure to include ALL of this requested information, or your application risks not being processed:

  • A link to your LinkedIn or resume
  • A link to your portfolio or a list of sites / apps you have designed
  • Your favorite color (that way we know you read this)
  • Answers to the following questions:
  • Are you currently a full-time freelancer? If so, for how long?
  • What hourly rate are you looking for?
  • What was the coolest design project you worked on over the past year? What made it so awesome?
  • What is your availability?

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to reply to or consider applications or gig inquiries sent through email or LinkedIn.