The Company: -

Krypto Labs is an innovative technology company based out of Abu Dhabi, UAE, which has the vision of developing multiple technology products and companies of significance. Some of the projects of the company will be in-house (internal) in nature (e.g. corporate software development, financial reports, etc.), and, some other projects will be for the end-users / end-consumers (e.g. mobile apps, etc.). The consumer applications (B2C projects) that'll be developed, would be for the market within UAE, and the larger international market. In time, Krypto Labs will aim to be a prominent technology incubator and accelerator, which will enable and facilitate the development of new ideas and companies.

The projects in Krypto Labs will be developed using the latest technologies. The design and technology team will get the freedom to use the tools and technologies of their choice, for their products. The company is going to be housed in a state-of-the-art facility, and the company will endeavor to create a cool and conducive environment, that fosters innovation and creativity (ideation, planning, envisioning & problem solving), for design and technology teams to build new products, technologies, and companies. The company is backed by a major financial services and investment management group in the UAE.

Job Description: -

We are looking for a smart, sharp, creative, energetic and entrepreneurial design professional for the role of a Senior UI/UX designer. The designer will be responsible for delivering the design of high quality front-end designs for Web and Mobile-apps, based on product requirements, in a timely manner. The designer will be involved in brainstorming for, and conceptualization of, the user interface (UI), user experience (UX), front-end, interaction flows, and page/screen layouts, for web and mobile based applications. The designer will then create the workflows, wireframes, rich user interfaces elements, prototypes, mockups, screens, creatives/graphics, visual designs, icons, logos, banners (for digital advertisements), etc., as required, based on the product decisions, using the best design approach.

The designer will work closely with the developers to implement the conceptualized & created designs. The designer will interact with users on a regular basis and make sure the product is always in tandem with user needs, and will keep collecting and analyzing users' feedback. The designer will analyze designs based on data collected, and correct the same with creative ideation and execution. The designer will own design aspects of projects from inception to completion (and beyond), working to define and refine requirements while simultaneously designing for those requirements. The designer will maintain touch points with project teams to ensure smooth progress of design activities and user experience, and will suggest changes and improvements, wherever required, on a regular basis. The designer would also be involved in the creation of digital advertisement banners, brand logos, user personas, scenarios, storyboards, user flows, user journeys, process flows, etc

Job Requirements: -

Technical Skills and Experience: -

  • Proficiency in wire-framing and prototyping software e.g Sketch 3.0, Invision, Omnigraffle etc
  • Proficiency in design tools like Adobe Photoshop, After effects Illustrator, Dreamweaver, GIMP, Web HTML, Adobe Creative Suite (CS), InDesign, Premiere, etc.
  • 3+ years of Design experience, creating great products, working on international projects.
  • Knowledge of native design guidelines for iOS and Android.
  • Knowledge of custom designs, and web-app designs, for iOS and Android.
  • Knowledge of responsive (web) design, and progressive web-apps.
  • Ability to create interface & dashboard for complex products.
  • Ability to create nice visual designs that are interactive.
  • Ability to create great webpage layout and design, and great mobile screens layout and design
  • Understanding of branding, typography and color theory.
  • Knowledge of HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3), Javascript (jQuery), Bootstrap, etc.
  • Continuously Updated on the Current and latest design techniques and tools and trends.
  • Experience with user research. Experience with the agile development process.
  • Experience designing interaction models that span multiple (kinds of) devices
  • Experience in designing front end user interface for digital properties including websites, mobile apps and other forms of digital media.
  • Ability to create visually stunning experiences for end users. Ability to visually translate product requirements for the end user in an aesthetic and functional manner.
  • Ability to develop creative strategy on the look and feel of our digital properties.
  • Ability to illustrate user stories, task flow and IA to demonstrate the ideas and concepts to management
  • Good understanding of Lean UX and ability to work in agile environment.

General Skills & Experience: -

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Interaction Designor Graphic Design, Visual Communication from an internationally recognized top tier institute or university.
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize projects, communicateprogress and expected milestones.
  • Effective communicator, presenter, and negotiator. Strong communication skills.
  • Strong conceptualization ability for visualizing visual designs.
  • Creative and problemsolving outlook, for imaginative designing, to create stunning designs, that'll engage users, and make them come back again & again (addicted) to the website/app.
  • Adaptive to changing Business & Technology needs. Agile. Adaptive. Flexible.
  • Ability to grasp concepts & ideas quickly, & learn new skills fast. Quick learner.
  • Ability to handle multipleprojects. Multi-tasking skills. High speed of execution.
  • Efficient & effective in planning and completing various design tasks. Efficient & Effective in timemanagement. Confident about handling complex/challenging situations independently.
  • Ability to take a full project to successfulcompletion. Ability to work on complex projects from scratch (i.e. from inception). Ability to plan, and create a roadmap, for a project.
  • Can work in a collaborative manner in a complex, ever-changing, dynamic environment, while interfacing with cross-functional teams & people. Good team-player.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. Mentorship experience. Has led projects before.
  • Has worked in a fastpaced organization (e.g. a start-up) before.
  • Has worked with Internetcompanies before.
  • Good command on MAC and Windows operating system

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