Cyndy Allard

Visual Artist

Houston, TX

"What a work of art is all about is a sense of delight. Touch here, touch there, delight. It is an appreciation of things as they are and of what one is - which produces and enormous spark." -CTR


  • Houston Skyline at Dusk, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Broken Obelisk, Barnet Newman, photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Houston Skyline, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Toles House, Reinerman @ Blossom, Houston, TX, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Medical Center, Houston, ©Cyndy Allard
  • Williams Tower, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Minute Maid Ball Field, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Houston Downtown, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Galleria, Photo ©Cyndy Allard
  • Galleria, Photo ©Cyndy Allard