David Fowler

Creative Director

  • SEEN IT?  A new identity invites you back, after a $1 billion renovation.
  • THE FANTANAS:  The girl group that sold 250mm cases of orange fun.
  • MOTEL 6:  The first spot in radio's longest running campaign.
  • BEYOND PETROLEUM: It simply said "We're different."
  • BP:  A way to give everyone a voice in energy.
  • BP Team USA:  London 2012 was a comeback moment for BP.
  • A LITTLE BETTER.  A humble promise for a product nobody likes to buy.
  • ESSENTIAL: The one thing about chemicals you can't debate.
  • ESSENTIAL 2 what makes modern life modern.
  • CASTROL:  A superiority claim with real impact.
  • 10,000 WOMEN:  An ambitious program to provide business skills to women worldwide.
  • NATURE COMPANY.  Long gone, just like long copy.
  • iIMPERIAL SUGAR: A trusted expert makes a commodity special.