Born and raised in S. Korea, Eric grew up watching and inspired by Hollywood films. He decided to become a filmmaker while in high school, and got his first job as a miniature modeler at a SFX company. Eric moved to U.S. in 2004 and studied directing/editing at LA Film School and graduated with his first short film KEN, which became an official selection in 20 int'l film festivals and won number of awards including Best Drama and Best Cinematography. Eric's 2010 short film GOOD AND EVIL was selected as Top 5 Finalists at The Story Beyond The Still by Canon & Vimeo and the following year, Eric launched an action thriller web series THE DIVISION which is now available on Hulu. THE DIVISION has won numerous awards including Best Director, Best Drama, Best Web Series and nominations for Best Drama, Best Directing and Best Editing at IAWTV Awards and Best Web Series at The Geekie Awards. Eric loves making films.

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