Ink Graphix

Graphic Design by Mattias Lundin

All Work, All Play

Mattias started designing record covers and club flyers under the name Ink Graphix in 1996. Since then he's been blessed with the opportunity to make countless records covers, posters, logos, ad-campaigns and freelance illustrations for well known Swedish clients such as Timbuktu, Looptroop, Nefertiti, Operation Dagsverke, Universeum among others.

In 2002 INK Graphix was nominated for the Swedish Nöjesguiden Award: Best Graphic Design.

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Record covers and selected works

  • Chords "Things We Do For Things". Every track is like a movie with it's own movie poster/cover.
  • Embee "The Mellow Turning Moment", The New album. Everything is hand made and photographed. Minimal computer usage this time.
  • Store front cover collage for Teron Beal's new album. Over 150 layers in the PSD file.
  • Promoe "Kråksången". All artwork was made by hand on my mothers old school sewing machine.
  • Maskinen, the new swedish hype. Artwork Inspired by anything from anything from Illuminati to He-Man.
  • Looptroop "Fort Europa". Inspired by the beautiful 60s schoolbooks, such as "How Does it Work?"
  • Embee "Tellings From Solitaria". Planet Solitaria where Embee is the king of music and creativity.
  • Timbuktu "Oberoendeframkallande". Bright screenprinted neon colors rule! 2 versions with different colors was made.
  • Looptroop "The Struggle Continues" selected artwork from this 2002 release. The album focus on the everyday struggle in life.
  • Timbuktu CD, Super jewel case with outside paper sleeve. Every track has it's own custom made logotype featured in the booklet.