Jan Šabach Design

Graphic Design

Brooklyn, NY

I am a Czech born graphic designer currently living and working in Brooklyn.
I have experience working in design studios as well as an independent designer in the United States and in Europe. I specialize in CID, logos and branding, but I'm eager to work on any graphic design project and I enjoy spending time on projects dealing with social, cultural and ecological issues.
I'm honored to be a recipient of several international design awards and my work has been publishe...


  • Ryba ve vodě (A Fish in the Water) | Logo for online community of mothers with small children.
  • Window On Women | Logo for Internet based community
  • Malostranská beseda | Logo for a cultural institution in Prague
  • Shop Gopher | Identity for internet based personal shopper
  • Ayrin | Logo for New York based fashion designer.
  • Long Tale Café | Identity for a Prague café.
  • Fresh Research | Logo for London based company specializing in internet research.
  • London In Prague | Identity for an event.
  • Perfect Crowd | Logo for a Marketing and Design Blog
  • Prosebe | Logo for Prague based marketing research group.