Joel Thomas

Concept Artist/Illustrator

Austin, TX

Joel Thomas is an accomplished Concept Artist and Illustrator based out of Round Rock, Texas. He received his undergrad degree from Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) and his Master’s Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. His work has also been featured in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art Vol. 10 and 13. He has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Magic: the Gathering, DC Universe: Online, Digital Domain, Disney and Todd McFarlane (Image Comics Co-Founder).


  • Olive of the Planet P'TID
  • Orca Dude
  • Epic Mickey Try-Out
  • CyberHeart- Wizards of the Coast D20
  • Grady LOVES his Tigers!
  • Hades
  • Poseidon
  • Card Guard
  • Dorothy
  • ScareCrow
  • Rousseau
  • Mind Spy
  • Starfish Killah

Spectrum 20: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

  • Ecantoella (Featured in Spectrum #10)
  • Celestial Mount (Featured in Spectrum #13)

Character Concepts

  • Nasty Orkse
  • A test piece for Gearbox Software...
  • Boopy
  • -FInal, approved design for Phil Errup for "Full Service" by MGam
  • -Character sheet for the game "Full Service' by MGam.
  • Mutant killah
  • UnDead
  • Barrow king
  • War Golem 3
  • War Golem 2
  • War Golem 1
  • Web Bug roughs
  • Dragon Process 2
  • The Lovers- Mystic Tarot
  • The Magician- Mystic Tarot
  • The Priestess- Mystic Tarot
  • The World- Mystic Tarot
  • Skudge
  • My version of Tweety from "Hyde and go Tweet"
  • Shmippopot

Weapons/Tech Concepts

  • SWG: Lightsabers Designs
  • SWG: Mandalorian Weapons
  • WoTC: D20 weapons
  • Misc Junk Blasters
  • SWG: Kashyyyk License
  • SWG: Data Pad
  • SWG: Data Cube
  • DCUO: Server
  • DCUO: Pol Stat Locker
  • DCUO: Pol Stat Desk
  • DCUO: Generator
  • SWG: Grievous Pod
  • DCUO: Sewer Fan
  • DCUO: Generator
  • Dwarf Cannon Exploration

Inktober Sketches and Stuff

  • Allergy
  • Lord D'Hain
  • Doogle
  • DoodleFish
  • Praw-nah
  • Bad Moon

Environment Concepts

  • SWG: Ship Passage
  • SWG: Lava Blast Door
  • MMO: Gas Station Fort
  • SWG: Mos Eisley 2
  • Strip Club wire-frame paint-over
  • SWG: Mouf Lair
  • SWG: Uller Liar 1
  • WebLords: Player Empire (stage 5) castle line drawing by Chad Townsend
  • SWG: Jedi Temple
  • SWG: Mos Eisley 1

Ray Villafane Studios Pumpkins

  • -A simple look and feel concept for 'the Hubbards'
  • -A flyer for the debut of 'the Hubbards' in Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • -The Logo for Ray Villafane Studios 'the Hubbards'
  • -Some evil coconuts for Ray Villafane Studios

A little Step-by-Step

  • Rough Sketch
  • Base color
  • BG color added- not happy with silhouette.
  • Changes made to silhouette, pulling out of forms
  • First detail pass, continue modeling
  • detail pass, continue modeling.
  • detail pass, continue modeling, fix elements.
  • detail pass, continue modeling
  • detail pass, continue modeling, ground texture
  • Final detail pass, over all texture added.
  • Tweak light, finished.

Another minor step-by-step

  • Swump- rough 5 minute sketchy noodle thing
  • Liked it enough to try to paint it. Gradiant light direction
  • Overall modelling...
  • Big changes, never finished it.