Keith Guerin

Creative Technologist


Seattle, WA

I’m a Creative Technologist – a designer, developer, strategist, and futurist specializing in interface design and front-end development for web, mobile, and native apps. My skill set is combining the latest technology with simple, stunning designs to create world class interfaces/experiences. My passion is applying these skills to entrepreneurial endeavors that can change the world, big and small.

I am interesting in meeting people who can help me fulfill this passion. Contact me if I can help solve your design and technology problems.


  • Business and Strategy

    +++ information architecture (creation of personas, use-cases, data models, wireframes, etc)
    ++ project strategy
    ++ content strategy
    ++ understanding of business practices
    + project & feature definition
    + project planning / project management
    + client management
    + sales / networking
    + subcontracting & personnel management

  • Design

    +++ creative direction
    +++ application design
    ++ user experience (UX) design for web/mobile/apps
    ++ visual design / graphic design
    ++ information design
    + branding
    + illustration
    + marketing

  • Development

    +++ html5 / css3 (and by extension: xml, xhtml, dhtml
    +++ javascript (ajax)
    ++++ as3 / as2 (actionscript / flash / flex / air)
    ++ wordpress
    +++ development lead activities
    + php / mysql
    ++ server configuration / management (LAMP)

  • Other
    • architectural design
      + architectural drafting
      + construction
      + 3d modeling / rendering
      + rapid prototyping
      + sustainability (LEED Certified since 2004)

  • Notable Clients
    • AT&T
      - Ogily
      - WPP
      - Getty Images
      - Microsoft
      - Powerade
      - RealNetworks


  • Owner & Creative Technologist
    Seattle, Washington
    Mar 2011 - Present
    Block & Tackle

    Block and Tackle is a design & technology consultancy operated by Keith & Meg Guerin. We help companies create digital interfaces and experiences (web sites, mobile, native apps) by providing:
    - project definition, strategy, planning, and project management
    - information architecture, user experience design
    - graphic design and branding
    - modern and elegant front-end development

    Our mission is to collaborate closely with our clients to create best-in-class interfaces. We want to solve your business problems, have fun in the process, and do good.

  • Director of User Experience
    Seattle, Washington
    Jun 2006 - Jun 2011
    Ratio Interactive

    Ratio creates web and mobile apps. We are an 20-30 person company in Pioneer Square who works with corporations and startups to solve their business problems with technology.

    As Director of UX I lead projects from inception to implementation, defining, driving, and executing a cohesive design vision:
    1. Discover/Define: Heavy involvement in project definition, strategy, and information architecture (creation of personas, use-cases, data models, wireframes, etc).
    2. Design/Iterate: Lead team in applying UX/Interaction design, visual design, and branding to requirements. Test & iterate.
    3. Develop/Deploy: Development lead on many interface-heavy projects, using cutting edge technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Flash/ActionScript3, SAAS integration).

    Additional roles include project management, client interaction, networking, creating proposals, and deep involvement in the development of a rapidly growing company (from 6 to nearly 30 employees in 20 months).

  • Nov 1999
    Freelance Designer / Developer / Entrepreneur

    Designed and developed client and startup websites for almost 12 years, going back to 1999, Flash 4, and the eponymous <blink> tag. I won a few design awards, pioneered use of dynamic HTML and Flash websites, and co-founded a record label at 16. Regrettably, I did not invent Facebook.

  • Design Architect (Intern)
    Seattle, Washington
    Jan 2006 - Jun 2006
    Miller Hull Partnership

    Intern architect creating architectural renderings, models, presentations, construction drawings, and research for an internationally recognized firm and 2003 winner of the AIA national Firm Award.

  • Web Consultant & Architectural Intern
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    May 2003 - Aug 2005
    Kahler Slater

    Helped create the website for, and interned as an architect for this multi-disciplinary design firm.


  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
    Muncie, Indiana
    Aug 2002 - Dec 2005
    Ball State University

    Earned a degree in architecture, studying the design process, construction, sustainability, fine arts, urban design, digital fabrication, and elements of sociology and human experience surrounding these fields.

    Recipient of a full ride scholarship – The Whitinger Scholarship, "the most prestigious scholarship awarded by Ball State University."

    Won the ICMA Design Competition–the school's primary architecture competition and a 30 year tradition.

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude & with Honors.