Los Angeles, CA

Creative, innovative, and forward-thinking UX Lead Designer & IA with systematic organization and leadership skills who solves complex business development challenges with thoughtful, elegant, and clearly defined strategies that drive positive brand awareness in markets nationwide. Specialized skill sets in human factors and ergonomics in leading the research and development of pioneering projects in the automotive, military, aerospace, interactive, entertainment, interne...

Selected work

Wireframes: High Fidelity Compendium

UX Design: Web Wireframes Mid - High Fidelity

Information Architecture: Flow Charts and R&D Analysis

UX Design: Mobile Game UI

UX Design: Game User Portal UI

Information Architecture: Game Design Flows

UX Design: Ipad Game UI

UX Design: QA Audits

UX Design: QA Rules for Dev

UX Design: UI Mock ups

Information Architecture: Site Audits

UI Flash Prototyping

Interactive: Interactive Producer Deliverables

Completed Personal Projects