Los Angeles, CA

Creative, innovative, and forward-thinking UX Lead Designer & IA with systematic organization and leadership skills who solves complex business development challenges with thoughtful, elegant, and clearly defined strategies that drive positive brand awareness in markets nationwide. Specialized skill sets in human factors and ergonomics in leading the research and development of pioneering projects in the automotive, military, aerospace, interactive, entertainment, internet and mobile industries. Delivered leading-edge corporate user-centered designs including improved user interaction, cognitive relationships, cutting edge technology integration, and user interface development. Expertise in clarifying brand vision and translating into tactical plans that move projects forward, surpass expectations, and deliver consistently strong ROI. In a leadership role, he is a swift alliance builder successful in managing relationships and partnerships with major partners to catapult products and services to the forefront of their markets. catapult products and services to the forefront of their markets.

• Worked as a Sr. UX Designer for one of the most aggressive Digital Consultant Startups BCG DV grossing over 50 million in 2 quarters.

• Led as the Sr. Information Architect and UX Designer for unannounced virtual world being developed by Lane Merrifield (Club Penguin Founder) and Starr Long (Ultima Online) for The Walt Disney Company designing custom UI for Tablet interfaces.

• Co-designed and built a reward engine with achievements, badges, levels, and points for Disney Interactive for their unannounced virtual world gamespace for iPad and Web.

• Devised a self established proven and effective language in IA / UX / UI development that saves budget, identifies problems, resolves conflicts, and segments priority fixes between multiple phases of builds for a client.

• Redesigned FiatUSA’s version of the car configurator user interface to meet U.S. standards in comparison to European markets.

• UX Lead to a Guitar Center Team to rebuild a more effective CMS and Taxonomy, establish a consistent language between the development teams, and providing alternate scalability in mobile and tablet integration governing a 500,000+ product based e-commerce website.

• Awarded a Certificate for design from General Motors as an UI Designer for exceptional design and development of the 2007 Cadillac luxury vehicles for concepts, interactive design, new prototype implementation, and improved navigation systems.

Areas of Expertise

iOS Mobile & iPad Wireframing UI Prototyping
Team Leadership
User Experience Testing / UX Design
Site Maps and Content Inventory
Process Architecture & Intellectual Property
Navigation Flows
Information Architecture & Site Audits
Product Commercialization
Reward Engine Building: Web or Games
Cognitive Science & Human Factors - Human Centered Design

Selected work

Wireframes: High Fidelity Compendium

UX Design: Web Wireframes Mid - High Fidelity

Information Architecture: Flow Charts and R&D Analysis

UX Design: Mobile Game UI

UX Design: Game User Portal UI

Information Architecture: Game Design Flows

UX Design: Ipad Game UI

UX Design: QA Audits

UX Design: QA Rules for Dev

UX Design: UI Mock ups

Information Architecture: Site Audits

UI Flash Prototyping

Interactive: Interactive Producer Deliverables

Completed Personal Projects