P&G Go #2

How one foam finger changed Super Bowl party planning.

The Super Bowl is an event of major consumption. We devour 11 million pounds of chips, 50 million cases of beer, and over a billion wings. But while party hosts were thinking about what goes in, they were neglecting what came out. And P&G needed to make toilet paper and air freshener as essential to parties as chips and beer. So we decided talk to party hosts, moving their focus from kitchens to bathrooms. While others spent big bucks, we headed to Radio Row in Minneapolis, (home of Super Bowl 52), arming a retired NFL hero with a simple foam finger. But this classic football prop had a bathroom product twist: Go#2. Our cheeky message resonated. Fans, media, athletes and influencers shared photos and stories, reminding others that party poopers were part of every party. Ultimately, this simple message reached millions of consumers, and scored triple-digit increases in Amazon sales.

Febreze Neckhangers

For years, Febreze Fabric Refresher was used to freshen drapes, couches and carpet. But as modern home decor moved away from these soft surfaces in favor of leather, wood, and tile, sales had become sluggish. We were tasked with creating a collection of on-pack neck hangers to showcase the other ways shoppers could use Fabric Refresher. After a deep dive into top 10 household odor objects (e.g. gym bags, pet beds) and consumer trends (e.g. not washing jeans, working out) we added this simple, relevant imagery to bottles and changed shoppers’ mindsets around when and why they need Febreze Fabric Refresher. Nearly overnight, one SKU became 14 - resulting in a sales boost of 5 to 30% across nearly a dozen different retailers.

Febreze CAR

We were tasked with create a series of illustrations to bring to life several common types of odors that are trapped inside of cars, including fast food, body odor, pets and road trip stink. They needed to be graphic, telegraphic and true to the “witty” brand voice of Febreze. Calling on the “MAD” skills of our illustration team, we chose vehicle types that would speak to a broad base of car owners – Mini Van Moms, Pick Up Truck Drivers, Fast Food Eating Commuters, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Pet Owners and Family Road Trippers.

Kellogg Back to School

This Back-to-School Featured the 3D artwork of Thomas Henry Burden and a partnership with Recolor and Crayola. Packaging design, interactive video and colorful instore work brought this program to life.

TV Reel

I have worked on television spots with budgets of all sizes - from huge productions budgets and marching bands, to scrappy, grassroots TV that I've directed. Here's a smattering.

P&G Product Photograpy

How do you express what Proctor & Gamble products do without saying a word?

We set out to shoot everyday P&G products in a way that had never been done: to visually showcase their both efficacy and attributes. Our goal was to show the energy of Bounce dryer sheets, the sparkle of Cascade dishwasher pods, the lightness of Febreze dusters. These images needed to showcase P&G’s technical innovations, while surprising viewers with their beauty. To accomplish this, we hired Internationally-renown photographer Sang An. And true to his background in beauty and tabletop imagery, he shot these cleaning products in a manner that was fresh, beautiful and delightful. Clients and consumers alike loved this innovative approach to a decades-old product lineup.

P&G Trial

When P&G clients wanted to re-vamp their most successful trial program we faced quite a challenge. How do we connect with our on-the-go shopper in a way that embraced her life with whimsy and inspiration, broke through in a fresh way, and was still flexible enough to be placed anywhere in store? Our shoppers spent three times more time away from home than at home, yet left all of their favorite products are at home. So we wrote lines for 8 key situations that pertained to our shoppers, and then sought out an illustrator who connected with the dots.

RMHP Print

The uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform left many Coloradans feeling skeptical of the insurance industry’s motives, and afraid that they would lose control of their healthcare options. PILGRIM created an outdoor campaign to remind residents that Rocky Mountain Health Plans was local, not for profit, and kept control of most healthcare decisions in the hands of its members and their doctors.

Togwotee Trail Book

When you complete a campaign that spans seven years and showcased an entire region's worth of culture, history, people, music, maps and facts - how do you celebrate everyone who worked on it? With a leather bound coffee table book that brings nearly decades-long campaign to life.

Togwotee Trail Launch

A road-construction campaign cleverly disguised as 101 reasons to visit Wyoming. Interactive direct mail pieces; CDs featuring local musicians, storytellers and cowboy poets, print ads, music videos... This seven-year long campaign truly had it all.

Laramie Nat'l Parks

When the federal government shut down, the action forced the closures of two crown jewels of the national park system: Wyoming’s Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Within 48 hours, tens of thousands of people who had traveled from across the country to visit these two iconic national parks were literally turned back at the entrances and sent home.
Realizing Visit Laramie had a captive audience already in Wyoming searching for other destinations to visit, we created a complete Facebook campaign letting stranded visitors know that the breathtaking scenery surrounding Laramie offered the perfect alternative to their planned vacations. The tiny ads were wildly successful. Visit Laramie’s Facebook page saw a 17% increase in Likes, with a total reach of over 42,000 people. The posts were also picked up by several Wyoming news channels, the Visit Wyoming website, and NPR.

Laramie Tourism Campaign

There are many towns in Wyoming that talk about history. It is the Wild West after all. But how do you differentiate one city from another? You bring that history to life. We created a living, breathing interactive adventure and history tour where the colorful characters and stories of Wyoming’s wildest west come to life. After producing all the components of “The Legends of Laramie Tour” – including video re-enactments, audio files, panoramic images and photo slideshows – we created a new website where the elements all lived. For the in-town tourist, a simple pfd map with instructions can be printed off the website to aid a self-guided tour of Legend Locations.

CFH Colorado

How do you educate 5.1 million Coloradans about the benefits of Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s new health insurance marketplace at a time when only 1 in 10 people interviewed understand what an insurance exchange is or how it works? The message is simple: When health insurance companies compete, consumers and small businesses win. The campaign reminds Coloradans that over half a million people in our state will qualify for exclusive premium reductions through the exchange, and drives them to a website where they can calculate their potential savings. The campaign ran in both English and Spanish in the months leading up to the exchange’s opening, and included statewide: TV, Radio, Print, Bus, and Light Rail Wraps.

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