Vincent Medina
Creative Director
Marina del Rey, CA
Available Full Time, Freelance / Part time

Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Art Director
Marketing / SEO
Project Manager
Product / Packaging
Industrial Design
20 years exp.
Bachelor (4 yr.)

About Me

Managing Creative Director with 20+ years of experience.Specialties include: Emphasis on Professional Web/Graphic Design + Site Management Art Direction, Marketing, SEO, Project Management, Product Packaging, Commercial/Specialty Printing, Video + Photography, Industrial Design. Accountable for cohesive branding + brand growth/successes + marketing + graphic design, creative assets + inventive product development + content, and print expertise, I can help by creating and maintaining the discipline, tenor & ethos of Creative Content + Art Direction + Social Media Assets/Execution + SEO/SMM + Global/Channel Branding + Web Site Design/Management. Always the self-starter, my print design / marketing / social media content / seo goals & focus is pinpointed on results-driven, relevant and accurate mass media, targeted at delivering successful & brilliant solution + clever insight + up-to-the-minute information — wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing graphic package. As a former global analyst for Chevron, I have applied my command for process engineering to results-driven Social Media + SEO delivering unmatched organic Google search visibility. My Creative/Print/SEO/Social Media content is focused on producing relevant, current media that's targeted toward delivering brilliant solution, clever insight, up-to-the-minute and/or relevant information in an aesthetically pleasing graphic package.