Houston, TX

Bernhard Associates was founded in 1978.
We have been creating design and photography to enhance corporate identities for a vast array of clients nationally and internationally. We are proud to have established long term relationships with our clients and we work hard to keep them moving, growing and ahead of their competition.


  • Houston, TX
    Sep 1984 - Present
    Bernhard Associates
    Bernhard Associates offers a wide range
    of design and communication services
    from corporate branding and identity programs
    to the creation of printed materials.
    Our projects extend from graphic production
    for print and web, illustration and writing
    to digital projects such as photographic
    assignment, animation and video.


  • Effective visual communications can be achieved only
    through a full understanding of all applications from identity
    to printed collaterals, ad design, multimedia, the internet and more.

    At Bernhard Associates we take pride in being an intimate
    part of a company marketing plan and ongoing policy.

    We believe in a service-oriented approach based on
    the ability to listen, analyze, serve and deliver without imposing
    principles and ideas upon a client. We understand that good
    communications with our clients give the background that
    supports and enhances concepts and execution. That is why
    we work hard to provide exceptional visual communications.