Palm Harbor, FL

Accomplished at providing brand clarity and communicating brand promises through all manners of media and marketing communication vehicles. Experience ranging from a command of software programs and the ability to translate a vision into a reality. Combining distinctive design with the ability to manage, and independently plan projects. Leading creative teams in executing a strategic vision which resulted in increased company profitability and successful project outcome in addition to a client and / customer satisfaction in small, mid-size and large corporate environments. Able to quickly adapt to unfamiliar situations, adjusting readily to changing priorities, rapidly learning new skills, communicating with a wide range of associates, and maintain a high degree of organization and professionalism. Achieving results in a fast-paced environment and working effectively with project teams. Fluent in 3 languages, which enhances the understanding of international markets.

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  • Expertise
    ~ Conceptual Development
    ~ Encompassing Innovation
    ~ Strategic Marketing
    ~ Project Management
    ~ Team Building
    ~ Research
    ~ Social Media & Design Management
    ~ Creative Art Direction & Award-Winning Design
    ~ Creative Leadership and Management
    ~ Managing highly sensitive matters
    ~ Communication and Translation skills
 between management and designers
    ~ Original Concepts
    ~ Visual Communications
    ~ Branding and Integrated Development
~ Image Manipulation
    ~ Promotion & Press Kits
    ~ Front End Web Design & Development

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  • Industry Experience
    ~ Advertising and Marketing
    ~ Publishing
    ~ Retail, POP and B2B
    ~ Niche Markets
    ~ Visual Communication
    ~ Graphics and Design


  • Creative Catalyst
    Tampa Bay, FL
    1996 - Present
    ~ Creative Services:
    Developing branding and Return On Investment (ROI) driven strategic campaigns from concept to release; leading projects from creative concept to final product; delivering quality, error-free work, with a record saving companies over 50% on production cost.
    ~ Strategic Planning and Management:
    Present strategic recommendations to clients by organizing and leading development sessions; placing emphasis on design as a strategic tool, facilitating creativity, and collaboration in the global workplace; provide project management, communication, presentation, production work flow, leading clients in preparation, customer interaction and creative consultation.
~ Development of Corporate Identity Packages:
    Design with customer centered Experience Effect as the goal; Leveraging qualitative methodologies to contribute and improve both brand strategy and communication development; Environmental graphics (e.g. billboards, cars, buildings, etc.); Public Relations; Networking and Social Media; Content Management tapping User Centered design principles to optimize content for positive User Experiences; Effectively managing, implementing and coordinating digital media products and services, ensured campaigns remained focused and effective.
~ Ad concept and layout: Directing photo shoots; Photo re-touching and color correction; Designed layouts, digital executions and color separations; Production of full color comps, color keys and match prints; all pre-press and press checks.
  • Brand Manager / Creative Director
    Oldsmar, FL
    Feb 2012 - May 2013
    Vanguard Protex Global
    Executed a complete brand transition resulting from a corporate acquisition with minimal reliance upon outside resources with a timely transition, saving the company considerable amount in vendor fees. Provided strategy and insight for creative solutions to domestic and global marketing with implementation of revenue driving merchandising, fostering integration of global cultural perspectives in business practices and marketing and brand management.
~ Developed and managed company re-brand program and international brand strategy.
    ~ Maintaining new brand equity in the international marketplace.
    ~ Website UI, UX and advertising revenue.
    ~ Marketing program for VPG product line with viable strategies that compliment and enhance core values and specific goals for domestic and international sales team.
    ~ Product photography, custom images and technical drawings.
  • Account Manager & Creative Strategy Director
    Clearwater, FL
    Sep 2011 - Jan 2012
    CEA Marketing
    Provided clients with strategic information on current industry related technology, and the latest marketing strategies so that advertising campaigns appealed to their target market audience. Specializing in marketing services with viable strategies that complement and enhance more traditional methods of advertising.

    ~ Developed and managed the implementation of advertising campaigns from concept to completion, ensured quality and accuracy.

    ~ Provided options for the dynamic communication with target audience through online video content, blogs, social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.), personalized URLs, radio, television, print, direct mail, E-mail marketing, outdoor and displays.
  • SocialMedia, Production Manager
    Tampa, FL
    Jan 2007 - Present
    ARTiSTiK magazine
    Oversee community and customer relations, serve as primary media contact, directing all publicity, consumer awareness, and image campaigns; develop media press kits and releases.
~ Responsible for evaluating advertising and promotions to ensure campaign messaging aligns with strategic goals. 

    ~ Instrumental collaborator in the initial branding of Artistik, contributing writer and provide creative consulting. Invested time and energy in growing Artistik Magazine from a small local student magazine to a significant publication with 25,000 quarterly distribution in print nationwide, capturing 12 college campus markets. 

    ~ Creative lead in Promotions and Marketing for Artistik Envy Competition - the search for creative genius in Tampa Bay - competition between ten multimedia and graphic design students and alumni.
  • Adjunct Professor at College of Arts and Letters
    Tampa, FL
    Aug 2011 - Present
    The University of Tampa
    ⁃ Curriculum development, design and instruction
    ⁃ Development of course materials and activities in a variety of media to best meet course objectives, including paper, computer, app, web-based, video, interactive simulation and embedded classroom activities
    ⁃ Implemented focused instructional interventions to meet the specific needs of the class, while maintaining academic rigor through a process of assessing, analyzing, and evaluating student achievement and performance
    ⁃ Institution of behavioral objectives while fostering student interest and focus on instructional materials
    ⁃ Contextualization of history, evolution and theory of: software, hardware and developing systems (apps, cloud-based, etc.), while reinforcing the potential as viable creative tools
    ⁃ Reinforcing the importance of professional ethical behavior as a digital and graphic artist and future alumnus

    ⁃ Beginning Digital Arts
    An introduction to the usage of electronic and digital tools for artistic creations from an aesthetic and artistic point of view to expand the students’ creative skills and toolset in the Digital Arts domain. Including rigorous and demanding activities programming and coding in HTML5 Canvas; direct application of Adobe Creative Suite 6 – Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design; completion of a Stop Motion Animation project.

    ⁃ History of Graphic Design
    A intensive course that builds a critical and analytical study of the history of graphic design, from the 14th century to present with major references to early typography, the Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Dada, Bauhaus, American Art Deco, International Style, Post-Modernism & Expressionism II, Contemporary Graphic Design and the Digital Era. With a focus on the development of historical knowledge and professional writing skills through class discussions of written responses to weekly assignments, essay exams, and research papers.
  • Instructor Assistant
    Tampa, FL
    Sep 2009 - Mar 2010
    International Academy of Design & Technology
    ⁃ Content development and classroom activities
    ⁃ Modeled and assessed student performance of:
    ⁃ Effectiveness of oral and written communication techniques that provide clarity, 
and improve creativity and learning
    ⁃ Motivational and instructional facilitation of diverse groups in traditional 
and non-traditional environments and situations

    ⁃ Creative Thinking in Advertising and Design
    A course that reinforced cognitive engagement and creative flexibility in artistic and creative conceptual process. Focusing on providing an introduction to activities that foster the application of problem solving and artistic thinking to novel situations and activities.
  • Graphic Designer
    Tampa, FL
    Jan 2007 - Jan 2008
    Collateral material design, newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers, announcements and advertisements for school events.
    ~ Managed student portal
    ~ Hosted special events and contests
    ~ Conducted fundraisers
    ~ Provided excellent customer service to students and staff at Student Services Department.
  • Art Director
    Clearwater, FL
    1990 - 1994
    Sullivan Advertising Group
    Leading projects from creative idea to final product.
    ~ Present strategic recommendations to clients by organizing and leading development sessions;
    ~ Designed and concept of layouts, digital executions, and color separations; Production of full color comps, color keys and match prints. All pre press and press checks;
    ~ Networking, operation, understanding and troubleshooting on the Macintosh platform; Managed Art Department and its general daily workflow.


  • MFA
    Tampa, FL
    Nov 2008 - Jul 2010
    Media Design Management; Magna Cum Laude
  • BFA
    Tampa, FL
    Mar 2006 - Mar 2009
    Visual Communications & Graphic Design; Magna Cum Laude
  • BFA
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Sep 1980 - Jun 1982
    The Art and Graphic College of Bratislava
    Design & Fine Art; Cum Laude

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  • Professional Contributions
    • Initiated and completed Global research on Creative Team Leadership in-2010. The data set for the study was collected from 316 participants and included all continents. The purpose of this exploratory research was to determine and examine strategies used by creative/art directors in the realm of creative team leadership.
    • Online panel member at the Center for Creative Leadership - Leading Insights since 2009.
    • President of IADT Alumni Association,Tampa Chapter since 2010.

  • Academic Committees
    Assisting with the curriculum review and revision, determining future program development, assuring that graduates skills stay current with employment needs.

    · Panel review member for Senior Portfolio at UT, Tampa since 2009.
    · Panel review member for Senior Portfolio at IADT, Tampa since 2009.
    · Advisory board member for Graphic Design at IADT Online, Tampa since 2013
    · Advisory board member for Graphics and IT at Keiser University, Tampa since 2009
    · Advisory board member for Advertising and Design at IADT, Tampa in 2009 - 2011

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  • Software Proficiency
    Cross platform proficient Mac and PC
    Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash;
MS Office, QuarkXPress, GIF animation, Painter, Director MX;
    HTML, HTML5 Canvas, Joomla, Css, JavaScript;
    PeopleSoft, BlackBoard, Basecamp

  • Adjunct Professor at College of Arts and Letters

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  • Awards
    2007 Media Arts Design Expo
    - 2nd Place in Promotional Design
    - 3rd Place in Interactive Design

    1994 Advertising Specialty Institute
    - 1st Place for Cover Design - Bic

    - 2nd Place for AdvaLite Catalog

    1993 Supplier Achievement
    - 1st place for Bic SM Division Catalog

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  • Languages
    Fluent in 3 languages: English, Slovak and Czech.