Brand new... Again

Welcome to the all new We tried to make everything a little better, and some things- a lot better.

Job Hunters: The 'notes' weren't being used very often, so we ditched those. But you liked the stars, and you all wanted a "hide" option for companies that didn't interest you, so we added that. We also made the searching / browsing of jobs and employers a bit more friendly than it was before.

Job Posters / Companies: We cleaned up the shopping cart, and job posting work flow. But more importantly, better site = more high quality candidates. The Creative Database has become a much more viable option to compliment your job postings over the last iteration and the new site reflects that.

Portfolio users: These days Portfolio hosting is the fastest growing part of Krop, and the new Krop site gives us a platform to roll out updates and new styles faster than ever.

Everyone: What gets our office buzzing the most is our new page we're calling Pluck't. Thousands of images are uploaded to the Creative Database every day, Pluck't is a real-time collection of individual works that caught our staff's attention.

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