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New Portfolio Style: Grid

A variation on our popular Minimal style, Grid is available for all creative Pro users and is great for designers and photographers alike with clean lines and simple navigation.

Visit a live example

New feature: iPhone optimized portfolios

Creative Pro users will notice a new "iPhone Optimization" setting in their account manager. When selected, this will deliver iPhone users a mobile version of your portfolio when they visit it regardless of what your style you are currently using.

New Style: Book

Inspired by some of our favorite art books, this new style available to all Creative Pro users.

For a beautiful live example visit Patrick Hoelck

Creative Database Search Upgrades

We've recently launched some drastic improvements to our creative database search engine. Most notably, we have enhanced the location search, results sorting, and added a quick preview option to help you find the right candidate with the fewest clicks. You can now search and sort the entire Krop database of portfolios and resumes by: Location, Availability, 18 Specialties, Professional Level, Experience, and Education.

Visit the Employer Site for more information on searching the creative database , and as always please keep the suggestions coming!

An interview with Tokidoki

Ivan Arnold is a good friend of ours often reporting in from a helicopter somewhere exotic. He's also the CEO of a very successful design driven company tokidoki, often feverishly hunting talent in our Creative Database, so we knew he'd have a valuable perspective on the design world.

New style: Studio Stacked

Introducing the first addition to the Creative Database Style gallery from our Spring / Summer 2010 Signature collection. Available to all Creative Pro account holders.

Beautiful type, zero unnecessary design elements, and an optional custom logo make Studio Stacked a decisively simple and elegant way to present your portfolio. Built for designers, Studio Stacked looks great with smaller portfolios of few selected works as well as archival portfolios with hundreds of pieces.

Live examples:
Heydays: Oslo-based design group shows you their great work, how they did it, and what they did it with, all with Howard Hughes-like precision.

Joe Kral: Most designers will call themselves a Typographer, Joe happens to be one the few that aren't lying.

Google Analytics available for your Creative Pro account.

As the Creative Database has grown, so has the demand from users to access their web stats. We spent a great deal of time researching various options including building our own, and decided that Google Analytics was by far the best fit. It's free and incredibly sophisticated, yet simple enough to give you a quick glance at who's visiting your profile.

If you have a Creative Pro account, and would like to activate Google Analytics: Open an account on the Google Analytics website, and paste your unique tracking code into the analytics settings under the "account" tab in your account manager. It's a fresh feature, so please let us know if you have any questions.

25,000 portfolios hosted + New Styles in March.

We've added some fresh faces to the 'Featured profiles' section on The Creative Database Page, check it out.

The Krop Style Gallery

Check out the the all new Krop style gallery. Find the perfect look for your portfolio in the Krop Creative Database.

An Interview with Facebook's Jami Hoffman

For almost a decade Jami has been hiring top-notch designers for companies like Razorfish, Warner Bros, Yahoo!, & Microsoft. With a creative background, Jami's a natural match-maker having placed designers of nearly every level & specialty. Currently recruiting creatives for Facebook in California, she's the sweetest powerhouse you'll ever meet. We were fortunate enough recently to catch up with Jami and get her thoughts on finding a job during some very bizarre times.