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New Portfolio Style: Porter

Available now to all Krop Pro Portfolio account holders. Porter is a gorgeous workhorse of a style designed in a responsive way to appear perfect on any screen on any device.


New Portfolio Feature: Font Selector

We just released a font selector available for every Krop Portfolio style. In your Krop Pro Portfolio account manager you'll see the option to choose from 15 beautiful typefaces and the changes will appear on your live portfolio instantly.


New Portfolio Style: Pacific

Just in time for Spring! Our newest style that we're affectionately calling Pacific was added to the gallery today and is available to all pro account holders.

Pacific is a crisp and breezy single page style perfect for displaying interactive or graphic design work that can often get cluttered amongst thumbnail or gallery themed styles.

See it in action live

New Feature: Private Sets

We just launched a Private Set feature for all pro account holders.

This feature allows you to assign passwords to sets of images in your portfolio. You can use one password for multiple sets, or different passwords for different sets. Once you assign a password to a set, it will become invisible to visitors and an "Unlock Sets" link will appear on your portfolio allowing users to access them.

This feature gives you a chance to lay things out before the world sees your new work, and is especially useful to share works in progress with clients.

New Portfolio Style: Charter

Introducing Charter, the newest addition to our portfolio style gallery. Charter is a variation of the Skyline style, which has quickly become one of the most popular looks in the gallery. We moved the title and nav up to the top to make more room for images, and put all sets into a big page, just to mix things up.

Our new friend Lionel wears it in style

Multi Image Uploads (Finally)

Due to popular demand (and a few death threats) we re-worked the image upload workflow for portfolios. It's a lot faster, more stable, and most importantly now supports multiple image uploads.

Happy new year!

New Skyline Option: Lightbox

If you are using the Skyline style, you can now select to have your large images open in a Lightbox style, or the original full screen style - try them both and see which one works best for you.

New Portfolio Style: Skyline

A refreshing new style just in time for Spring! Skyline uniquely displays all the images in your sets without cropping them into thumbnails by staggering them vertically into rows (that looks a lot better than it sounds).

When a user clicks on one of your images they are launched into a FULL SCREEN image gallery, great for work that happens to be best enjoyed BIG!

Skyline is now available for Creative Pro users

View a live example here

New Portfolio Style: Grid

A variation on our popular Minimal style, Grid is available for all creative Pro users and is great for designers and photographers alike with clean lines and simple navigation.

Visit a live example

New feature: iPhone optimized portfolios

Creative Pro users will notice a new "iPhone Optimization" setting in their account manager. When selected, this will deliver iPhone users a mobile version of your portfolio when they visit it regardless of what your style you are currently using.