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New full screen, video background ready portfolio themes: Atlantic

Custom Portfolio Pages

A pair of awesome new portfolio themes are now available for all Krop Creative Pro users. We're calling them Atlantic, and they come in two flavors. Tiled will present your image sets and pages in a grid (view demo) while Stacked will present them in individual full page "covers" similar to the home page (view demo).

Both are video background ready, and we've complemented these styles with a stock video and image gallery of beautiful backgrounds for you to use.

Learn more about Atlantic here

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New feature: Custom Pages!

Custom Portfolio Pages

Sometimes an image set just doesn't cut it. Now all Creative Pro users have the option to create endless custom pages for their portfolios.

Pages are simple: each page is a blank slate that you can lay out however you like — add images, attach files, create links, etc. They will appear in your portfolio website alongside your image sets.

Available now for Pro users

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Use Dropbox Sync to manage your Portfolio

Dropbox Sync

No more uploading! You can now sync your Dropbox account with your Krop Portfolio.

Turn this new feature on, and manage your entire Krop Portfolio on Dropbox!

Krop on Dropbox

Four new portfolio themes!

New Portfolio Styles

Introducing four all new themes available to all Krop Creative Pro account holders.

Avenue, Hemingway, Roam and Hudson each have their own unique personalities and tricks up their sleeves, so take each one for a spin. We're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

Portfolios now Retina ready

Retina Display Ready

All Krop portfolio styles have been updated to display Retina images.

Most new Apple devices -- as well as many new Android and Windows-compatible computers and tablets -- now feature "Retina" or "high density" displays. Basically this means that the screens now have wayyy more pixels than they used to. These devices can render much higher resolution images, which is awesome, and now you're awesome because your portfolio is Retina ready!

Mobile Theme Gallery now live

Mobile Styles

The mobile theme gallery is alive!

Phones and mobile devices have their own unique set of advantages and challenges. For a long time, we have had a unique mobile theme, and even introduced a responsive theme. But now, you can select a specific mobile theme to complement your main theme, targeted specifically at iPhone, Android, and other modern mobile platforms.

All Krop Creative Pro portfolio account holders can now select mobile-specific styles in your portfolio manager.

New Portfolio Style Editor

Take total control of your portfolio with the new Style Editor. Now available to all Krop Creative Pro portfolio account holders under the Style Gallery section of your portfolio manager.

  • Custom logo
  • Optional background image
  • Font selector
  • Background and font colors
  • Font sizes
  • Full access to CSS for advanced users
Style Editor

Improved Social Network Features

We've recently launched improved social network integration features for every Krop Creative Pro portfolio account. These new features are now available in the "Social Networking Options" and "Custom Links" sections of your portfolio manager.

Social Network Integration

Add Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest sharing buttons on every picture in your portfolio.

Automatically add Facebook "Like" and "Tweet" sharing options to your portfolio

Add icons to your custom links in the Custom Link Editor

Private email features for job posters

Our new private email feature is live and included in all job posts.

When enabled, your real email address is hidden on your job post.
Replies are be forwarded to you and saved to your account.
Visitors will see a temporary forwarding address (like

All New Creative Database Search

We have just concluded a successful Beta period of our all new Creative Database Search and are happy to officially announce its launch. Our very popular subscription service for talent hunters has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It's faster, has more powerful search features and is much easier to use than its predecessor. Employers can preview a free demo search or activate a subscription for exclusive access on the Creative Database product page.

CDB Search