James Boughton
Creative Director
New York
Available Full Time, Freelance / Part time, Willing to relocate

Creative Director
Photography more
5 years exp.
Bachelor (4 yr.)
Mid Level

About Me

Born in sleepy Peterborough a small city in the east of England, James Boughton has strived break out of the visual stimulus that surrounds him. Inspired buy anything and everything, providing many quests and obsessions to develop and learn, from a early age he would sneak on to trains and head to London to watch people tagging walls, and street musicians perform. Providing a perfect subject on which to base my photography. His home life was not a typical one, when most kids was playing with Sega's or Nintendo's he was sitting at his Amega drawing Lemmings on simple drawing packages, it was not until his 10th birthday until he got his own PC and a copy of Photoshop resulting in almost 20 years of digital experimentation. In 2003 he enrolled at the University of Derby School of Art & Design, where he competed a BA in Commercial Video & Photography, with added Image manipulation. This degree provided the time and focus to learn an array of creative techniques including stop frame animation, video editing and traditional film processing. One thing learned from this degree is that no matter what you think you can do, there is always someone who can show you a more effective way to achieve your goal. With focus and the willing to constantly learn you can achieve anything. Today James, is gaining skills in illustration and graphic design, to go hand in hand with his image production and manipulation skills. WIth his skill set, attitude and ability to adapt makes him an asset.