Selected Work

Christopher Marble

Selected Work

Christopher Marble

Brief Ideas

If necessity is the mother of invention, then "velocity" might be her close relative. All the ideas in this section were created for quick ...

Branding Strategy

When a bin rental company came to me for a logo and a website, I saw a larger opportunity. Using competitor and category research, ...

Art Direction

One of my favorite things to do is getting out my sketchbook and creating crazy ideas. Making them a reality is pretty sweet, too.

Mini Portfolio

With two weeks' notice, I discovered I would need to present three projects to the creative leadership team. My solution was a printed brochure ...


When creating ads for a transportation company, it's tempting to simply show closeups of trucks. However, these ads take the road less traveled.

Black Friday Style Guide

Best Buy needed a Black November campaign that delivered results. My concept helped set up a successful season that drove record-setting online sales.

Email Redesign

When Best Buy rolled out their new branding, we took the opportunity to rethink more than just the look of their emails. By embracing ...

Direct Mail Playbook

To keep up with the growth of Best Buy's direct mail program, I initiated an audit that redefined their options, expanded the templates, and ...

Everywhere You Look Campaign

A majority of products you use each day may have been shipped by C.H. Robinson. To demonstrate this insight, everyday scenes were superimposed with ...

Logos and Marks

Sometimes creating a logo can be frustrating. And sometimes the V and the O line up just right to make a gold medal.

Be Great Logo

Crafted for an internal recognition program, this represents: "In it together to be great by supporting each other through flexibility and creativity."


From scribbling down ideas, to sketching out storyboards, to planning shot lists, to shooting, and editing, there's a magic in creating videos.

Tagline Rollout

Prior to launching their tagline to an external audience, C.H. Robinson wanted to get buy-in from its internal network of 10,000 employees. To help ...

Intermodal Campaign

To promote C.H. Robinson's growing intermodal business, an integrated print and digital campaign was created. Involving two video shoots (including aerial) and a photoshoot ...

Websites and Blogs

The tools and methodologies for web design continue to advance, but the underlying principle remains the same: Don't make the user have to think.

Direct Response Campaign

Reflecting the idea that TMC empowers its customers, the mailer used acetate overlays which allowed users to manipulate the story. The direct response campaign ...

Collateral System

From recruiting materials to sales collateral to internal training documents, everything was overhauled to create consistency, focus the messaging, and make C.H. Robinson look ...


The golden age of brochures may be dead, but I still believe that ink on folded paper can create truly memorable experiences.


With illustrations you can convey big ideas, reveal emotional truths, and create new worlds. And also, it's fun to draw chickens.

Packaging and Point of Purchase

Luckily the publishing industry knows that people do judge a book by its cover—or an audiobook in this case.

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