The Tombras Group, a 300+ person, full-service advertising agency, seeks an Art Director in its Knoxville headquarters. We know who you are. You're the guy/gal with the wild imagination of a kindergartener and the design chops of someone at least twice that age. You could tell an entire story with napkin sketches, words be damned. And you've seen your napkin sketches turned into national tv spots, large-scale billboards, and award-winning digital campaigns. And print? It'll be dead when you let it die.

You're a kick-ass multi-discipline art director interested in exploring new opportunities, and soon you'll be directing art with us.


  • You'll be the dreamer of designs both big (i.e. national rebranding campaigns) and considerably more minute (i.e. a social post born out of said rebranding campaign).
  • Your ability to take a rock-solid strategic brief and turn it into something beautiful is why you thrive in the advertising world, and you'll be eager to grow with, learn from, and teach the greater creative team, as well as a wide variety of other departments (from leadership to strategy to digital media).
  • More specifically, you'll do everything from high-level brand concepting and ideation to daily execution on client deliverables. This work will be done in conjunction with your creative director, and a talented team of copywriters, art directors, videographers, editors, animators, and social media creatives.
  • The confidence to fight for your ideas, and the humility to not hold them precious.
  • An optimistic outlook about the potential of the work at hand, even in the face of frustrating feedback.
  • The ability to find new entry points when the brainstorming hits a wall.


  • We're looking for at least 3+ years of art direction experience at a design or full-service ad agency, but a strong portfolio trumps experience nine times out of ten.

  • Multi-discipline, cross-category art direction experience with a portfolio showcasing a wide range of work (print, social, motion, OOH, etc.) concepted and executed by you.

  • An up-to-date awareness of modern culture, design standards, technology, and trends.

  • An unwavering respect for deadlines and budgets.

  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite.