Can you write like Beyonc sings? LeBron dunks? Roseanne self sabotages? If so, we need you. Slingshot, LLC is on the hunt for a Mid-level Copywriter to work their literary magic in our Dallas office. Yes, your fingers will bleed (a good time to mention our competitive insurance plans). But you'll actually see your work produced and not come up empty-handed the next time grandma asks, "Did you do that TV commercial?" First, we need to see your portfolio. If it makes us ask ourselves, "Why didn't we think of that?" then we'll talk 401k, beer cart Thursdays, 2 p.m. summer Fridays and all the other fun stuff you'll love about Slingshot. Submit your portfolio or pass this along to your peeps and any Mid-level Copywriters that meet all of the above.

Areas of Responsibility:

Copywriters work in partnership with an art director as a 'creative team' and from time to time, alone.

Meet with the account management team to discuss the client's requirements and gain an understanding of the target audience and business.

Concept and create killer work for our clients.

Present work internally and sell work through to the client. Articulate rationale well and presents with enthusiasm.

Direct outside vendors as appropriate on projects. This may include freelancers, directors, editors, and other production staff.

Manage multiple projects of varying size from concept through completion.

Provide quality assurance of all creative deliverables.

Collaborate with media, account management, technology, and insights teams, to create great work.

Deliver this killer work on time, within budget, and meeting the business needs of both the client Slingshot.


Agile and brave; driven by passion to create and be accountable for great work.

Superior communication and organizational skills.

Proficient in relevant software.

Solutions oriented approach to the work, relationships, and the team.

3-5 years of experience, building national and regional brands

Portfolios should include traditional and digital work.

Regardless of background (Art Director or Copywriter) there should be the highest level of respect and passion for each.