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We founded Henrybuilt in 2001 to bring a new level of design, integrity and fit to the places that are most important in the home. We've developed a family of inter-related, highly refined products that our design team carefully tailors to how people live. Our systems, together with our design service, combine hand crafted beauty with years of focused innovation - resulting in an industrially engineered product that is adaptable to a range of tastes and reflects and adds to the architectural quality of a space.

Work with the Chief Marketing Officer and senior leadership team to tell the Henrybuilt story to both the design trade and homeowners - via a variety of communications channels, including press, events, social media, and the Henrybuilt website. Looking for skilled communicators who have an passion for design and ability to build and maintain relationships across different audiences.

Responsibilities include establishing relationships with and pitching stories to trade, consumer and business press; developing stories for company website and other marketing channels, coordinating events and generally helping Henrybuilt engage with the growing Henrybuilt community of clients. This position is based in our New York location in SOHO.

We are seeking individuals that have demonstrated exceptional drive to succeed and share a keen interest in working as part of a team to build a top tier brand.

Take a look at our portfolio of recent work to get an idea of the breadth and caliber of work we do. (password: long run)

Hear from the people who design and build the Henrybuilt family of products.

And, if you are interested in learning more, read a personal note from Tim Fry, Chief Marketing Officer:

My title is Chief Marketing Officer, but you could also call me Henrybuilt's Chief Storytelling officer. A big part of my job is making sure we're using stories every day - with employees, clients and the rest of the Henrybuilt community - to communicate the difference Henrybuilt makes in people's lives. Here's the difference it's made in mine.

In 2002, while trying to figure out how to outfit my new loft - the first home I owned - I wandered into a cool little showroom on Western Avenue in Seattle. While I stared in awe at the furniture pieces surrounding me, the owner, Scott Hudson, came out to say hello and ask me what I was trying to do. He quickly sketched a unique desk-storage system for me, which I could tell would be a perfect fit. It really was, and two years later, as I planned to renovate the kitchen in my second home, there was no question who was going to design and build it: Scott, and his growing company, Henrybuilt. Again, he gave me a perfect plan and a perfect fit. That Henrybuilt kitchen made the house, and it withstood 10 years of parties, children and daily abuse until we moved.

In 2018, sixteen years after I visited that little showroom on Western Avenue, Scott Hudson presented me with yet another plan: join Henrybuilt as Chief Marketing Officer. Since I'd originally met Scott, I'd started my own business doing communications consulting, which was going quite well. I'd been a Henrybuilt super fan since day one, and I felt I needed to find a way to grab this opportunity. I'm glad I did. And again, it's a perfect fit.

Henrybuilt has grown quite a bit since I was an early client. It's designed, built and delivered more than 5000 projects around the world - expanding beyond kitchens to a family of products that extends to the whole house. You won't find Henrybuilt on Western Avenue anymore, but you will find its showrooms in the most aesthetically advanced cities, like NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area. The company's culture of integrity means that, every day, everyone at the company is thinking about delivering the best experience. Innovation abounds.

It's not the products that make a company great, it's the people and their stories; and that's why I knew Scott's third plan for me was right. Telling the stories of Henrybuilt and the community of fans it has built over two decades is the most rewarding job I've ever had. One of my first projects was to create a fewvideosto give people a sense of the people behind Henrybuilt's system of interrelated products. After watching this, you should have a better appreciation for why people want to be a part of this special company.

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