SphynxSoftware.com (re)design project

New York, NY (Company Confidential)

SphynxSoftware Overview

I would like to give a brief description of this project. The totality of this project is that I will be re-launching my practice, Sphynx Software Solutions LLC and need a new website. We are a team of engineers who need the support of an amazingly creative person to complement our skills. The development and design of this website will be interactive with several distinct phases:

Phase I - The purpose of this phase is to get a quick template designed (possibly Stratus) and get a placeholder up. We currently have an 'Under Construction' page up and need to get a 5-page temporary design. The page designs needed are Home, Services, Technologies, Solutions, Client Stories, and About Sphynx. Please note a secondary purpose: if/when we ever have to bring down the main website, we would like to have this templated instance function as a backup site.

Phase II - The real effort of the website. This is the much larger design needs of the project. We have a need for the full design exercise including UX/UI wireframes, Rebranding (new logo, new templates, etc.), and marketing/social design needs. This is the larger effort in which technical, content, partners, etc. will consult and provide assistance in the creative design of the website.

This is a very visible website as it will be the main resource for our technology consulting practice. As you will have the opportunity to creatively shape an exciting new enterprise from a clean creative canvas.


SphynxSoftware Design Needs

Phase I Website Design

  • Wordpress Theming (Stratus)

Phase II Website Design

  • UX/UI wireframes
  • Wordpress Theming (Stratus)


  • New Company Logo
  • Logo Variations
  • Business Cards Logo
  • PPT & Word Templates
  • Office360 Templates (Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.)

Social Media

  • Facebook (Landing) Page Design
  • Twitter Design
  • Google + (Landing) Page
  • Twitter (logo)

Additional Design Items

  • Website Icons
  • Content Icons