Our agency client in Boca Raton has a freelance, onsite assignment for a digital experience redesign for a client in the healthcare industry.

Deliverables include:

- Planning & brief

- Mood boards

- Wireframes

- Design systems strategy & execution

- Digital style guide strategy & execution

- Style guide execution examples (page design examples utilizing style guide)


* 4+ years of design and interactive work. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience designing complex solutions for complete digital environments.

* Expertise in software such as Sketch or similar.

* Proficient understanding of HTML5, CSS3. JavaScript skills are a plus.

* Proficient understanding of frameworks such as Bootstrap, concepts such as Google's Material Design, and knowledge of JS animation libraries such as Velocity (or others).

* Good understanding of prototyping software.

* A thirst for structured methodologies such as Design Systems, BEM, Components and Modular development.