This role combines user research and insights analysis. The UX Researcher will conduct user and stakeholder interviews, in-depth focus groups, distributed surveys, observation and ethnographic studies. On the Insights Analysis side, the UX Researcher will conduct data-driven tests and experiments, Create data visualizations and dashboards, Perform market/competitive, best-practice analyses and audits.

The UX Researcher MUST HAVE:

* 3+ years' experience working with digital products in an innovation, brand, management consultancy, or digital agency.

* Experience using primary + secondary research to inform user-centered design decisions

* Experience with UX design models

* Advanced, hands-on experience using Google Analytics and implementing A/B, MVT, Redirect/Split URL experiments using Google Analytics Experiments.

* Comfortable using advanced spreadsheet functions and formulas to analyze, clean and manipulate data

Salary: US$30 - US$40 per hour