This is a full-time on-site position. We will not accept contract or remote working applications

Forthspace develops tools for restaurants and bars - we use a combination of technology, systems and training to create a "Fourth Space" that personalizes, elevates, and adds elements of surprise and delight to the customer experience.

Our first implementation is toi, a novel high-end cocktail lounge launching in fall 2018 in the King West Theatre District of downtown Toronto. The venue will be fully owned and operated by Forthspace, and we plan it to be the first of many.

This position is for a Developigner, who can do a lot of techy-type things, who likes to tinker, who has an eye for design, and who is ok with made up words.

The Forthspace office is at Adelaide and Simcoe in the heart of downtown Toronto. You'll be number 5 of a small but friendly headquarters staff that's creating the next big thing in hospitality. Starting salary is $40-$60k/year depending on experience and hair colour. It is ideal for a recent graduate or dropout who was smarter than their profs.

Examples of stuff you'll be doing

  • Designing and maintaining multiple web sites
  • Hacking reservation software and using APIs in creative ways
  • Leveraging Amazon's Rekognition platform to identify and tag guests
  • Creating a learning platform for staff training
  • Brainstorming ideas for secret rooms and where to put the homeless guy
  • Taking your turn cleaning out the office fridge

Skills you should have

  • Flairfor visual design.
  • Curious. There's always a better way. Find it.
  • WebDevelopment. HTML, PHP, LAMP stack, Ruby on Rails, blah blah blah
  • MySQL. Able to write and use simple database algorithms
  • Photoshop. Fake ID anyone?
  • Google. If you don't know, learn.

We don't expect you to know everything when you start, but if you learn fast and can fake it in the meantime, we'll get along just fine.

In your application please link to your web/design/app portfolio.