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All my life I have drawn. On scraps of paper, backs of exercise books, my grandmothers wall (I was very young) and my beloved leather jacket (which I still have in the back of my wardrobe). After school (best forgotten) I did 7 years training in various art schools and collages finally graduating in 1991. In 1995, after painting book and video covers for a few years, I became a Concept artist on the film 'The Fifth Element' and have not looked back since. I love the fact that I don't know what type of project I will be working on next. I have worked in Historical, modern day, Science fiction and fantasy genres, on projects big and small. Weather it is a medieval table and chair or a 15 mile long space ship. I love to get into the mind set of the project at hand. I feel that one of my strongest attributes is my flexibility. In 2003 I was working as the Concept art director on Gerry Anderson's New Captain scarlet' when I was offered to join the Directing team. It was a truly great, if daunting, experience that I grasped with both hands. I ended up directing 8 episodes working with a true legend, Gerry, and an amazing group of talented people. IT was an experience I would love to repeat again some day,

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  • Director and Concept artist
    Jan 1995 - Present

    Became a freelance concept artist for Film, Tv and the games industry back in 1995. Directed and Concept art directed Gerry Andersons New Captain Scarlet between 2002-5


    Gerry Andersons New Captain Scarlet (2002/5)
    4 Mercury Falling
    7 Rat Trap
    10 Trap for a Rhino
    13 Heist
    16 Enigma
    20 Syrtis Major
    23 Duel
    25 Dominion

    Maleficent 2 (2018) 
    Aladdin (2017)
    The Flash  (2016)
    Ready PLayer One (2016)
    Wonder Woman (2015)
    Rogue One (2015)
    Miss Peregrines Home for peculiar children (2014-15)
    Jupiter Ascending(2012-13)
    Godzilla (2012)
    'Maleficent' (2012)
    Arthur and Lancelot (2011)
    Jack the Giant Killer (continued) (2010-2011)
    HUGO (2010)
    Jack the Giant Killer (2009-2010)
    Unknown (2009-10)
    PRIEST (2009)
    Gullivers Travels (2008-2009)
    Pandorum (2008)
    The Wolfman (2007-8)
    Franklyn (2007)
    Heartless (Pre Production)(2007)
    Stardust (2005/6)
    The hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocolypse. Pre production concept art director and Co film director(2005-)
    Thunderbirds (2002)
    Tomb Raider 2 (2002
    Bond XX Die Another Day (2001)
    Red Dwarf The Movie (cancelled) (2000)
    Bond19 The world is not Enough (1999)
    Bicentennial Man (1998)
    Bond 18 Tomorrow never Dies (1997)
    Mortal Kombat II (1996)
    Event Horizon (1996/7)
    5th Element (1995/6)

    Other projects both Film and TV I have been conceptually involved with

    Medieval (on hold) 2009
    The Jungle Book (pre Production 08)
    Anarchy X (pre production 08)
    Mary Queen of Scotts (on Hold 08)
    Castlevania (2007) (on hold)
    Frequently asked questions About time travel (2007) (City matt concepts)
    The Royce Gracie Chronicles
    Prisoner (2007 Cancelled) (pre production concept)
    Sweeney Todd (2006) (Concepting for VFX cancelled sequence)
    Gerry AndersonsLightspeed(2006) (pre production) (as Concept art Director and Director)
    Gerry Andersons New Thunderbirds(2005/6) (pre Production) (as Concept art Director and Director)
    Gerry Andersons Captain Scarlet(2003/5) (as Concept art Director and Director)
    Dinotopia (2000/1)
    Spear of Destiny/Boxers run (2000) (cancelled)
    Wing Commander(1999)
    Captain Scarlet (1999) (promo) Gerry Anderson Entertainment
    Thunderbirds (1997) (cancelled)
    Tomb Raider (1997) (cancelled)
    Mutant Chronicles(1996) (cancelled)
    Warrior Geeks of El-Nadir (1997) Henson’s Creature Workshop
    Entrapment(1997) (cancelled)

    Computer games design
    OFP .RR (2010) Codemasters
    8 Days.(2005/6) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

    Outside of film I have work on numerous adverts in both a conceptual and storyboard capacity for clients such as ‘ Audi’, ‘Daewoo’, ‘British Airways’, ‘Heineken’ and ‘Astra Communications’, with agencies including
    ‘RSA’, ‘Lambie Nairn’, ‘Rose Hackney Barber’ and ‘The moving picture company to name but a few’.
    My work as a freelance illustrator has covered many areas including, book and video covers, brochure illustration and numerous private commissions in science fiction, historical and contemporary styles, also I have been involved in the early conceptual design of two Theme Parks.

  • Concept Artist
    Feb 2017 - Oct 2017

    Concept Artist on Disney's Aladdin

  • Concept Artist
    Dec 2017 - Present

    Maleficent 2