San Diego/Orange County/Los Angeles

I am a Designer with 18 years’ experience in the industry. Throughout these years I have learned that this industry changes every year with new trends and software. This is why I like to keep up with our industry by going to conferences and be up to date with all the Adobe software.

My personal philosophy of work is to offer a quick understanding of the problem or objective and capabilities to arrive at a proper solution. I always set a very high quality of standards on every project I approach, even when I have to meet tight deadline. Some have said my work ethic is defined by initiative, integrity and perfectionism. I have the ability to create design concepts, and sample layouts base on knowledge of layout principles. I am a team player capable of working independently with minimal direction.

Particularly interested in Graphic Design, Web Design, Catalog Publishing, Branding, Marketing, Page Layout, Motion Graphics, Interactive Design, Multimedia Design, Branding, Catalog Production, Package Design, Typography, Color Theory, Photography, Photo Re-touching, Video Editing and Effects. Always interested in keeping up with new software and technology in my field.


  • Graphic Designer
    La Mirada, CA
    Jan 2002 - Jan 2003
    Caravan Canopy, LLC
    • Managed and coordinated graphics from beginning to end
    • Worked closely with sales department, clients and printing
    department to execute all projects efficiently and precisely

    Key Accomplishments:
    • Design mock up designs for future clients
    • Managed quotes for the sales department
    • Manage and coordinate all final artwork for print
    • Organized client database
    • Program used for film output; Flexicut
  • Lead Sr. Graphic Designer
    Tustin, CA
    Jan 2012 - May 2013
    catalog production, promotional ads and data management
    • Manage and coordinate all print material with printers
    • On site press check
    • Creative Direction, Marketing Concepts
    • Brand Management
    • Hire, induct, and manage team members and assist with career
    and skills development

    Key Accomplishments:
    • Managed and reduce stress levels for team members
    • Increased productivity and accuracy
    • Planed and executed software upgrades
  • GraphIc Designer
    San Diego, CA
    Jan 2007 - Apr 2011
    Pico Digital / Steren
    • Managed and coordinated graphic design projects from concept through completion for a broadband products manufacturer and
    its wholly owned companies
    • Collaborated with the design team to create professional brands for five separate companies
    • Produced package designs, point-of-sale displays, catalog and sales presentation templates, training videos and design databases
    • Teamed up with a professional digital photographer to organize and select images for catalogs and posters

    Key Accomplishments:
    • Designed pages and layouts for each company’s full-color annual product catalog
    • Developed outer and inner package designs for each company’s products
    • Introduced and integrated new business workflows using Microsoft SharePoint
    • Organized various image libraries and PowerPoint presentations
  • Interface Designer
    Los Angeles, CA
    Jan 2003 - Oct 2005
    Americantours Inernational, LLC
    • Managed the design of internal and external websites
    • Developed custom creative material for client presentations,
    print collateral and online content
    • Collaborated with programmers when integrating designs to
    the website
    • Worked with the sales product team to conceive presentation material
    • Provided oversight and direction to an assistant graphic designer on catalog development

    Key Accomplishments:
    • Designed pages and layouts for company’s annual catalog
    • Designed layout templates for intranet web pages
    • Managed and coordinate all print materials with printers
    • Designed pages and layouts for company’s tour guide booklets
  • Graphics/Marketing Manager
    La Mirada, CA
    Jun 2013 - Apr 2015
    Caravan Global, LLC
    • Delegate & supervise projects to our graphic designers
    • Manage budgets and coordinate project schedules
    • Collaborate with Human Resources on new hires and annual reviews
    • Responsible for planning, coordinating graphics to cater for our
    3 sister companies
    (Caravan Sports, Caravan Custom & Amsterdam Home)
    • Oversee and lead creative concepts development, by mentoring the graphic designers
    • Managed websites and photo shoots with outsourced resources
    • Negotiate prices reduction for printing & packaging and other services

    Key Accomplishments:
    • Managed and built a team of 4 Graphic Designers
    • Increased productivity and accuracy to all projects
    • Planned and executed software & hardware upgrades
    • Reduced project completion rate per designer
    • Lowered the cost of website hosting
    • Successfully launched a new company and product to market
  • Graphic Designer
    Long Beach, CA
    Jul 1999 - Jan 2002
    Blilliard Fanatic
    I started out as an intern and became a full time employee by the time I graduated college.

    • Conceived designs for websites, quarterly catalogs, monthly
    mailers and newsletters
    • Led product photography and provided expertise on lighting
    and color accuracy, image inventory and flash integration

    Key Accomplishments:
    • Design page layouts for quarterly catalog
    • Managed product photo shoots
    • Designed logos for new product lines
    • Collaborated with the design of the web site