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Eyejunk's team of artists & designers & craftspeople are committed to helping you transform your space through custom design, fabrication, painting, finishing & bringing you the highest quality original artwork transformed into imaginative lighting and installations.

Judith Dryland
Paul Brown


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3233652260 office

About Us

  • Los Angeles
    Eyejunk Studios
    Eyejunk is a collective of established artists & craftspeople helmed by Judith Dryland and Paul Brown. Eyejunk can be hands on in the creation, enhancing or transforming your space. We are committed to providing innovative design, within your budget needs, basic & specialized paint finishes & refinishing, fabrication as well bringing you the highest quality custom artwork transformed into imaginative lighting or large-scale installations. Many of the resin pieces and the tube lighting & light boxes and are available in custom sizes, colors, bases and trims and priced according to the scope of each individual project. Use of custom images provided by clients could be considered and quoted upon request. In addition, the designs are available to be scaled up to fit a wall, floor or ceiling, and can be fabricated for interior or exterior use. These pieces can enhance any room in a home environment and are well-suited to providing commercial and public spaces with creative and exciting lighting options. They can be printed on a variety of materials ranging from canvas to plexi.

    Possibilities the quality work we can do is limited only by imagination.

    Eyejunk supports our artists' desire to make a living with their art, therefore they are commissioned for their designs on all sales and installations.