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Gastonjah is a combo of things, he is a one man show, a photographer, a designer, a programmer, an actor and a revolutionary.

He is an artist that has no tag, he is a person that carries a great soul, and he is a forward-thinker that believes in cultivating the inner essence of his soul.

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  • Summary of Qualifications
    Three plus years successful experience as a front-end designer and back-end developer for the web. Web designer, that emphasizes on CSS validation and cross-browser compatibility. Theme developer for custom designs using wordpress, drupal, and magento, as their back-end CMS. Web developer using languages like html, flash, javascript, php and ajax. Video editor and motion graphics designer, with emphasis on video for the web.


  • Web Design & Interactive Media — Bachelor of Science
    San Diego
    Apr 2006 - Jun 2010
    The Art Institute of California - San Diego
    Web Design & Interactive Media is an exciting field of integrated electronic communications that is becoming an essential part of the business, education, and entertainment industries. The advent of Web Design & Interactive Media has established a regeneration of energy in business that has led to the creation of employment opportunities that require an individual who can combine sound, graphic arts, text, and video/film to enhance the dissemination of information. Compounding this is how the Internet is changing the scope of business today, resulting in the creation of a vast new electronic marketplace where commercial transactions take place in Web-based applications.

    The individual interested in this field is one who feels comfortable with and challenged by technology, and who has specialized skills as an artist or technician. Many of the faculty are industry professionals committed to helping students combine their creative abilities with technical skills for entry into the multimedia-related professions of entertainment, publishing, electronic games, education, marketing, corporate communications, and consumer information delivery. Web-based applications present an improved measurability of information effectiveness via click-through, leads, and sales. By working in classrooms and computer labs, students develop a foundation in drawing and design, image manipulation, multimedia system design, scriptwriting, sound, video, and animation. More complex coursework involves combining animation tools to integrate text, sound, images, animation, and video to complete a project. Students also learn about the structure of electronic games, information design, interactive authoring, computers in animation, and video/teleconferencing.


  • Web Designer // Developer
    San Diego
    Nov 2006 - Present
    Neue Stijl
    We are a web company made for designing and building visually impressive, hand coded, standards compliant websites.

    We are passionate about design in all its forms and we always look for better ways to contribute to the web.

    Our goals and philosophies are everflowing to keep expanding our clientele, projects, and even new offices on the horizon.

    dutch grids + swiss design

Personal Profile

  • Personal Profile
    Dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team effort to produce genuine long-term sustainable development. High personal integrity and great control under pressure to meet deadlines. Eager to learn and improve new skills to give the best perform