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Mike Højgaard - Freelance Creative
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mike Højgaard aka Harmoni ∞ has worked with creative design, art direction and illustration in the advertising/ design industry for about 20 years for agencies such as JWT, Republica, Adtomic (Copenhagen & Hong Kong), Danesadwork, HELLO and an array of direct clients. Now he’s a freelancer. Based in Copenhagen - eyes on the world. Mike began his career working as an art directors assistant in 1995 working mainly with retail, giving him the perfect lead-in to the forefront of consumer communication. Later working with both consumer and b2b clients in healthcare, consumer goods, the music industry, sponsorships and coporate branding/ identity. Mike has unique skills in merging advertising and design and also has integrate knowledge in how to create outstanding artistic output for companies normally percieved “boring” and “corporate” without loosing focus of core values and communicational needs. Mike belives that design needs to be strategic and product-derived in order to accommodate the specific challenges each company has - that in order to achieve remarkable recognition. Furthermore his vast involment in communicating music and art, has always been noticeable. Mike masters and understands both online and print. With the company, Harmoni ∞, Mike is working with identity for different companies and artists. Believing that strategy behind every identity is crucial. A logo is merely the face of a whole entity. Recently Mike has co-founded the Fine Virtual Timepiece brand, Moine-Garde. Creating and designing the brand and its products from scratch. Somewhat attended schools: RMI Berghs Stockholm, Danish School of Advertising and Danish School of Design. Mike is also a singer & composer - having released 4 albums. Client Experience: American Express, BRF, Børns Vilkår, CareService, Carlsberg, Chupa Chups, China Broadband, Chevrolet, Cochlear, Contura, Coop, Electronic Housekeeper, Ibis, Kikkoman, Nordisk Film, Novo Nordisk, Nokia, Roskilde Festival, SaxoBank, Sony-BMG, SonyMusic, Thiele, Toblerone, Tuborg, U.S. Airways, UNcells, Universal Music, Unilever and last but not least, a vast number of artists.
Feb 2010 - Present
Co-Founder, Head of Design
Disrupting the persistence of time

Bridging two fascinating worlds, Moine-Garde ushers the grand heritage of watch design and craftsmanship into the modern revolution in device technology, to bring forth a new concept in time keeping - the virtual timepiece for your smart phone.

Beyond their expressive elegance, each series of the Moine-Garde collection reflects a profound dedication to functionality.

Where every analog movement, from hour, minute and second hand to dual time to temperature gauge, is digitally reborn and programmed to precision.
The result? Uncompromising depth in elegance and performance. And a graceful step forward in our ballet with time.
Copenhagen, Denmark/ Worldwide
2006 - Present
Freelance Creative/ Senior Designer/ CEO
This is my oneman band - my company - my business. Working solo or with a large network of freelance journalists, copywriters, illustrators for direct clients and design/ advertising agencies.
Copenhagen, Denmark/ Worldwide
2007 - Present
Composer/ Singer
This time doing an album while also running my business. First album under the name The Liberty Balance – Releases: The Liberty Balance (2009, Artiscope Records) Diamonds We Trade (2014, Elektrolyt).
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jul 2006 - Jul 2008
Freelance Designer / Art Director
Copenhagen, Denmark/ Worldwide
2002 - 2006
Composer/ Singer
My time off from advertising and design...Working mainly with music - releasing two albums: Steady Unsteady (2003) Peninsula (2004/5) as a leader. Take a look at iTunes...
Copenhagen, Denmark
2001 - 2002
Art Director
Hong Kong, China
1999 - 2000
Creative Director/ Art Director
ADtomic Hong Kong
ADtomic Copenhagen opened a branch in Hong Kong and send Mike to open and manage the creative department. Working for clients such as Carlsberg, China Broadband and Chupa Chups
Copenhagen, Denmark
1999 - 2001
Art Director
Copenhagen, Denmark
1999 - 1999
Copenhagen, Denmark
1997 - 1999
Art Director
Jens & Berger
Copenhagen, Denmark
1995 - 1997
Art Director Assistant
Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2006 - Jun 2006
AVG (Almen Voksenpædagogisk Grunduddannelse)
Copenhagen, Denmark
1997 - 1999
Eternal student (In the eyes of the mentor)
Pino Migliazzo (Monogram Studio)
Working with and for personal mentor, Pino Migliazzo aka Pino Milas. Mostly learning typographical perception, integrate shaping, handsketching and fashion magazine layout. Oh, and how to make a the perfect dinner out of just one avocado - and of course the follow-up espresso!
Copenhagen, Denmark
1998 - 1998
Misc. Seminars
Danish School of Advertising
Copenhagen, Denmark
1997 - 1997
Misc. Drawing Seminars
Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 1996 - Jan 1997
Graphic Design & Communication 1+2
Elsinore, Denmark
Aug 1994 - Jun 1995
Basic DTP/ Illustration/ Communication
Medieprojektet Satz
Espergærde, Denmark
1992 - 1994
College grad - Major in Art and Design
The Danish Arts Council 2008
Mike recieved a working grant for his album cover designs in 2008 from The Danish Arts Council (Category: Design & Crafts)
"Album Covers"
2008: Exhibition at Gallery Artwox, Copenhagen. An exhibition rooted in 25 selected jazz album covers
2009: Exhibit for danish contemporary jazz album cover design in Oeksnehallen, Copenhagen. Function: Curator & participating designer. The exhibition showing work of: Søren Severin, Mai-Britt Amsler, Henrik Gytz, Mark Solborg, Mike Højgaard, Kajsa Gullberg, Rasmus Meisler & Paul Wilson.
An ealier version of the website was published in 'Taschen's 1000 Favorite Websites'. By Julius Wiedemann. 2002. (Last website under web, in portfolio, page 573)
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