Heather Braden
Available Full Time, Freelance / Part time, Willing to relocate

Creative Director
15 years exp.
Bachelor (4 yr.)

About Me

Heather Braden has been a professional producer and photography expert with creative direction experience for over 15 years Nationally and Internationally for print, commercials, video, live events, television in 22+ countries. Beginning her career as an assistant for for fashion, ads, editorial, lifestyle out of college, Heather worked over 10 years to renowned fashion, advertising and catalog advertising executives, photographers and directors overseeing all aspects of production, creative direction, all technical details, all cameras, gear and lighting, execution of digital and classic film techniques. Heather went on to serve as the lead producer, marketing director and photographer , creative director for commercial advertising, editorials, celebrity shoots, product catalogs, Nationally and Internationally, and has been credited with creative solutions, smooth productions, taming wild crews, reducing expenses, and overseeing the creative direction on set in studio and in exotic locations on 3 continents for a variety of clients with celebrity talents like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Ricky Martin, Meg Ryan. Heather served as Creative /Marketing Director/Producer/Photo Director for clients in Fashion, Products, Hospitality, Editorials, Ad campaigns along with overseeing the productions in studio and on locations in NYC, Italy, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Miami, Mexico and Spain. Heather has been able to successfully inspire and direct multiple teams while creating new productions and marketing advertising images for International clients. Heather combines her 15+yrs International expertise in advertising/marketing/production/creative direction insights seeking new opportunities west. Heather has had the pleasure to work with and assist respected advertising and image gurus like Ruven Afanador, Marc Abrahams, Norman Jean Roy, Rankin, Liz Collins, Gus Van Sant, Michael Rymer, Perry Ogden, Michelangelo Di Batista and Yan Welters and many others. Recent clients include Avon, Coca Cola, &