Heli Barck

Photographer, photojournalist and a writer based in Finland.
General info
Heli Barck is a photographer, photojournalist and a writer based in Finland.

She has participated in various art photography exhibitions around Europe,
her photographs have been exhibited in museums and published internationally.
She has carried out several documentary projects.
2015 she curated and organised a photography exhibition in Hei Helsinki Gallery, Finland. The exhibition demonstrated the current situation of beautiful, but highly polluted Baltic Sea.

Works in exhibitions:

Hei Helsinki Gallery, The Sea - about joy and sorrow 2015
Russia, St.Petersburg,"TEST OF ROMANTICISM''
The gallery of Library - information and cultural center of art and music 2012
Germany,Zingst Horizonte Photography Festival 2011
France, Centre Rhénan d'Art Contemporain, ”La position de la Terre” 2008
Germany, Art forum Berlin - About Beauty 2007
Denmark, Art Copenhagen - The Nordic Art Fair 2007
Finland,Helsinki, The Helsinki School, The Finnish museum of Photography 2007
Galerie Oljemark, Helsinki 2006
Gallery Lume, ”Hengenvetoja”, Helsinki 2004
Museum of Cultures, Helsinki 2004 – 2005

Attended The School of Arts and Design (which later became a part of the Aalto University) Helsinki, graduating in photography 2007 (bachelor of arts).

The Portrait of a Lion appeared on a record cover of a Kitsuné Tabloid by Phoenix, France. Heli Barck`s photographs have been published in French contemporary art magazine Cimaise and the several Finnish magazines just as Helsingin Sanomat, Suomen Kuvalehti, Viini, Mondo, City and Welcome to Finland.

by email hmbarck(at)gmail.com

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