Hector "Hex" Rios is one of the earliest known and well-respected Hip Hop graffiti pioneers of the west coast. His contributions to the international scene have influenced thousands of artists in all disciplines, ranging from graffiti writers, designers, animators, painters, modern museum exhibits and more.

Hex, the inventor of the Stencil Cap (HEX CAP) which took aerosol artistry to new detail levels worldwide, is best known for his original styles in lettering, bboy characters, colorizations and foundational photo-realism with spray paint. He was, and still is, an innovator and a trailblazer, creating one of the first hip-hop streetwear brands named “FATCAP TM,” as well as the very first hip-hop retail store and all-elements cultural arena in 1991, called “The Hip-Hop Shop”, located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Today, Hex paints throughout the United States from L.A. to NY and overseas, still inspiring and mentoring many.
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