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Riku Isohella Oy
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My name is Riku Isohella. I have been a professional photographer since 1993. While my home is in Finland, I travel the world on commercial and industrial assignments.

My love of photography started very early in life. I have always been fascinated with telling stories through visual images. I let my images tell the story. Since I am not a good painter, I chose the camera to be my paintbrush.

My first professional images were for the Finnish Army newspaper when doing mandatory military service. Following this, I went to photography school to understand the theories behind lighting, camera skills, etc. In those days, we used film and transparencies (anyone remember E6 and C41?), hot lights, filters, and large-format cameras. My how times have changed!

After school, I worked as a photo editor, a newspaper photographer, and a studio assistant to fine-tune my skills. In 1997, I founded own company at the seasoned age of 22 and did a lot of work initially as a contract worker and stock photographer for picture agencies in Finland.

This experience in photojournalism and for picture agencies taught me to be fast and flexible. You never know what the breaking news will be, the situation may not be ideal for photography, but you always have to get the photos for the client. You always have to have “Plan B” in mind. Even on commercial studio assignments, where things are more under my control, speed and flexibility are important.

Most of my work today is for customer magazines, annual reports, company websites, portraits, etc. I work and play well with others – art directors, clients, journalists, editors. I make it a point to understand the NEED (telling a story, showcasing a product, capturing the personality of a person, creating a symbolic image, documenting an event) and then choose the equipment and style to fulfill that need.

I like to keep the workflow simple and flexible. I am very interested in all kinds of technologies and processes. I have modern equipment, powerful computers, and powerful software to render the best images possible. Most importantly, I have a good eye and two good ears. I listen to what the client wants and then use my tools to make it happen.

When I am not working, which is not that often, I like to be outdoors – biking or walking or chasing my three kids around! I have also become reasonably skilled in woodworking – renovating by 100-year timber home that my wife and I recently purchased.

I hope that you like what you see on this website and will contact me to discuss your next project. I look forward to working with you.

All the best,

Riku Isohella

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