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Architectural forms and shapes are recurring motifs in this body of work. The artist & designer, Ivonne Knake explores the process of applying gold & silver leaf onto paper and other materials; silk, glass & wood. With particular interest in research on its behavioural qualities, the chemical processes and reactions during application and effects achieved by use of differently sourced materials.

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London Exhibition 2012:
Gallery: Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London  
16th-18th February 2012
"Consequence of Falling"
Tuesday 4 August to Sunday 16 August 2009
Lauderdale House
Waterlow Park
Highgate Hill
London N6 5HG
For a long time I have been fascinated by the materials that I use to create my work; precious metals, wood, paper, silk, glass; all in wonderful combinations...

My first precious metal creations, composed onto paper, wood, silk & glass date to year 1990.

While creating my work, I always choose a Key; each & every single image represents different story & holds a secret...

Some of the images mirror my visions... some are carefully arranged & designed compositions . The materials used are of the finest quality and chosen in very particular way.
Gold & Silver (in form of a leaf or powder) on paper, silk, wood & glass... in short Gilding.

I am particularly interested in research on behavioural qualities of the metals used in my work, the chemical processes and reactions during application and effects achieved by use of differently sourced materials.

The application of gold or silver is especially important; every move of my hand, breeze coming through an open window or even my own breath affects the result; it is like my own handprint, unique for each individual piece.

The quality of material used is of the utmost importance to me; I use only the finest of metals, papers etc.
All of my work are carefully designed; the nature of the techniques used requires this approach.

The Key to all compositions is the choice of the ingredients, proportions, their colour and tone (which changes and vary in terms of light & time exposure during application process).

This gives each & single work their own uniqueness and breaths in a soul, a spirit...

I am using techniques practised in conservation & restoration of art objects, however perfect or correct application is irrelevant in my work.

Each piece have their own rhythm, own and different body however I might use the same motif for a different image but under different prospective.