I am a Graphic Designer Artist specialising in digital vector art illustrations also worked with traditional original black ink manual print technics, acrylic paintings, live model studio drawing and multimedia at the time of my study in the past at the Academy of Fine Arts in Europa and later at Tafe Design Centre in Sydney - Australia, where I live.
However as an Artist Illustrator emerging from beyond the line of a horizon into everything I have been so far, allowed me to be aware, to define and form any object and to see the core in it’s structure as a mass which is formed from particles which substance as we know today is almost entirely empty.

The great illusion of so called: “ surrounded reality. “
But our own perception convince us otherwise so we could say:” it is real “ because we can see ti, touch it, taste it, smell it and hear it and this is the great illusion of our perception.

Everything move and flow at first, spreads in all directions because it is alive and vibrating and generating sound waves.

For me it is everything as the energy flows through mass of any object so people could call it: “ three dimension reality “ again, but i believe it is only energy there, so is to be reality and it’s mass, it’s weight is so small and insignificant, that question of physical mass of this world - that is great illusion we feel, when we touch anything and this is the greatest trick of all times.

Energy has many different forms and even electrical current will flow without gravity, curling and twisting in indefinite directions rather then straight path, behave like in slow motion when times slows down so much, almost to the point of full stop, look like smoke on the water like energy without gravity and without time, I give it’s form and shape it up any way I like, directing lines without any laws of physics to create lush, glowing and colourful worlds of Zoombies.