General info
Illustration - Storyboards - Graphic Design
Los Angeles
Hello! I’m an artist with a focus on illustration, storyboards and graphic design. Over the last couple of years I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my work featured in a wide range of projects from web series to television, film and gaming; merchandise design, to album art; animation to storyboards; etc. Currently, my work can be seen scattered throughout the LA comedy scene, where I’m frequently hired to draw show posters, podcast logos, album covers, and t-shirt designs (my shirt for Pete Holmes, “Petey is My Holmeboy” has been a bestseller on the comedian’s site). My most notable job of 2015 was the music video "Hotel" by RCA Records/Kid Ink, which was made up entirely of my animated illustrations.
Illustration - Video
Ongoing (2013 - present) - "Draw My Dream" Web Series, Dreamworks TV Channel
Ongoing (2014 - present) - "The Vault" Web Series, All Def Digital Channel
2016 - "The Show You Watch" Children's Hospital S01E05 caricatures and graphics
2016 - "40 years of Bowie Fashion" Web Video, Super Deluxe Channel
2015 - "Hotel" Kid Ink Music Video Feat Chris Brown, RCA Records
2015 - "Draw My Neverland" promotional Web Video, Awesomeness TV Channel
2015 - "How To Train Your Dragon: Fun Fiction" Web Video, Awesomeness TV Channel
2015 - "Treasure Truck" Web and TV Commercial Matchbox/Mattel & United Front Design
2014 - "Coca Cola Teens" Branded Web Video, Defy Media/Break Media
2014 - "She's got It MAID" Branded Web Video, Defy Media/Break Media
2014 - "Choose Wisely" Web Commercial, Verizon/Uproxx & 5 Second Films
Logo / Poster Art / Merchandise
2015 - "Jelly Donut", T-shirt Design for Cameron Esposito
2015 - "Pizza Cat", T-shirt Design for Anna Akana
2014 - "Petey Is My Holmboy", T-shirt Design for Pete Holmes
2012 - "Harmontown", Podcast logo for Dan Harmon ("Rick and Morty's", "Anomalisa")