Jeremie Baldocchi
Art Director
Available Freelance / Part time

Art Director
13 years exp.
Mid Level


My name is Jérémie Baldocchi. I am a painter and contemporary figurative for 14 years. I have exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Brussels, London, Miami, Seattle, Miami, New York and Tallahassee in Florida, Canada, and Taiwan.
I got the 1st prize in 2012 Art Museum of Contemporary Art, Florida (The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts)
My works are mostly large formats: 160x120 cm (63 x 47 in), but I work in smaller size too 60x80 cm (23 1/2 x 21 1/2 in).
My paintings are made of acrylic, ink and collage on canvas

Regarding my work : I would like, through my images, to make things attractive at first glance are not.
Images that people love or loathe to see is what fascinating me and it is what I want to re transcribe into my paintings; the fact that our eyes do not reflect to all the same world, things, objects or people.
This theme is about my obsession and passion for bodies, all of them, and their deviation, distortion, disproportion and anomaly.
The colors are bright in a cosy interior but the characters’embarrassment is strongly present.
My inspiration comes from daily life, foibles, people's habits and mania and last but not least absurdity of some situations in life.

You can visit my site for more information concerning my exhibitions and works : www.jeremiebaldocchi.com.