General info
writer / director / cinematographer
Sydney | Los Angeles
Over the past 10 years, I have traveled to over 30 countries directing everything from music videos, commercials, digital entertainment and documentaries to the BAFTA award winning TV series Lockie Leonard.

My debut feature film Love is Now is a love story about a photographer dealing with the death of his father while navigating a new relationship, and we partnered with Nikon to shoot it on photographic equipment to capture the story through the same lenses photographers use. It was released in December 2014 in Australia through a partnership with Hoyts, and was acquired by Universal Pictures for international release in 2015.

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Contact Details
Sydney +61 041 057 4686 mobile
Los Angeles +1 310 707 1787 office
Love is Now is a complicated romance between Dean and Audrey, two photographers who ride their bicycles up the NSW coast of Australia following the harvest trail but when Audrey goes missing, Dean discovers more than he ever expected.

Official Selection
Newport Beach Film Festival
Madrid International Film Festival
Emerge Film Festival
Arizona International Film Festival
Manchester Film Festival
Shoestring Award - Rochester Film Festival, New York "Early Checkout"
Best Film - New England Film Festival "Early Checkout"
Best Rock Documentary – NZ South Island Video Awards
Best Director, Shootout 24 hour film festival “Not Everyone Can Fly”
Official Selection St. Kilda Film Festival - Echo
Official Selection St. Kilda Film Festival - Early Checkout

Official Selection Flickerfest Film Festival - Early Checkout
Official Selection Palm Springs ShortFest - Early Checkout
Official Selection Sunscreen Film Festival – Broken Open
Official Selection - Brooklyn Intl. Film Festival "Gravy" (writer)
Official Selection - film festival “On Mexican Time”
Finalist - Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project “Pearl Brothers” (writer)
Finalist - American Accolades "Pearl Brothers" (writer)
Completed Projects
"Beyond Infinity" (director)
Feature documentary about Australian Academy Award winning cinematographer Jim Frazier.

"The Patricks Identity" (producer/director)
First in a three-part action, comedy web series for Patricks of Sydney.
"Lockie Leonard - Series 2" (2nd unit director)
Children's series for the NINE network.

“Possessions” – (Producer/Director)
– Short Film [RED 4K Digital]
An 8 minute short film about the true cost of possessions.
Starring Max Cullen, Asher Keddie, Laurence Fuller and Trilby Beresford.

“Early Checkout” (director)
– Short Film [RED 4K Digital]
A 7 minute short comedy about two mates who get into a spot of trouble in a hotel room.
Starring Dustin Clare, Jackie Weaver, Peta Sergeant, Clarke Richards and Ian Meadows.
- Official Selection Palm Springs Shortfest
- Winner Shoestring Award at Rochester Intl. Film Festival
- Winner Best Film at New England Film Festival

“ECHO” – (director)
– Short Film [35mm]
An 8 minute short film about finding intimacy after loss.
Starring Brooke Satchwell, Josh Wakely.
“Writer to Fix” – Director – Television Pilot for Chaser Broadcasting – ABC
A top-secret project with Producer Julian Morrow and series creator Charles Firth.
- Commissioned by the ABC for production in July, 2010

“You’ll Like What We See” – Director – Television Commercial [35mm]
30 second spot for St. Phillips schools. Shot on location in Newcastle and Vanuatu.
“Manic Times” – Director – Comedy Sketch Series with Charles Firth [HD]

“Thanks Half a Million” – Director – Television Commercial [35mm]
30 second commercial for the Salvation Army Employment Plus. A national campaign celebrating placement of 1,000 people into work per week since 1998.

“Private Schools” – Director – Comedy Sketch Series with Charles Firth [HD]
Starring Charles Firth, Rebecca De Unamuno, Matt Ford and Nich Richardson.

“Come Back” – Director – Music Video [HD]
Music Video for Melbourne based band “The Distance”

“Mekem Business Strong” – Producer / Director – Documentary [HD]
A short subject doco following a number of successful businesspeople in the Solomon Islands.
"Parachute Music Festival" - Producer / Director - Documentary [HD]
Behind the scenes documentary of the Parachute Music Festival in Hamilton, New Zealand

"Watch Me Burn" - Director - Music Video [Super 8]

"The Code" - Director - Documentary Series [Digi Beta / HD]
A five-part documentary series exploring themes raised by The DaVinci Code.
Presenter Leah McLeod & Geoff Youlden.
"New Years Eve" - Director - Short Film [HD]
A short film about the seduction of thievery.
Starring Rachael Taylor, Dustin Clare, Laurence Coy & Clarke Richards

"Broken Open" - Director - Documenatary [Digital formats]
US co-production with international distribution

"One Day" Marty Worrall - Director - Music Video [35mm)

"Way To You" - Director - Music Video [DV]

"Don't Look Back" - Director - Music Video [DV]
“Brothers” - Director / Co-writer - Short film [8mm]
Short film based on the feature length screenplay ‘Pearl Brothers’

"Not Yet God" - Director - Music Video [DV]

"This is Why" - Director - Music Video [35mm]
“Locked Up 4 Life” – Director [Betacam SP & digital formats]
ADRA fund raising initiative to help refugees worldwide.

“Chasing Utopia” – Assistant Producer and Additional Editing [multiple formats]
MOMENTUM PICTURES - A documentary about modern-day prejudice

“Gravy” – Co-writer / Assistant Producer - Short film [35mm]
- Offical selection St. Kilda Film Festival
- Finalist Fox Comedy Channel film festival
- Official selection Brooklyn Intl. Film Festival

Moguls, Models & Billions” – Assistant Producer - Documentary [digital formats]
“In The Family” - DOP and Editor - Short film [mini DV]
A Metroscreen funded film under the Raw Nerve initiative.
“The Missing Peace” - Director – Experimental Short film [mini DV]

“On Mexican Time” - Writer / Director - 10 min. Doco [multiple formats]
- Official Selection Iowa Intl. Documentary Conference
- Official Selection film festival
“Not Everyone Can Fly” - Director – Short film [mini DV]
- Winner, Best Director, The Shootout Film Festival, Newcastle