John Edward


Internationally renowned psychic medium John Edward was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Demonstrating psychic abilities in his childhood, his skill flourished under the supportive environment provided by his family. After a meeting with psychic Lydia Clar, John Edward embarked on a journey to teach people and to reunite individuals with their loved ones who have passed on.

Though currently residing with his family in Long Island, John Edward travels all across the country for events. He holds private readings for groups of varying sizes, live group events that include questions and answers and audience readings, and seminars that include a lecture into psychic phenomena. An accomplished author and lecturer, Edward participates in speaking engagements to interact with his followers and to educate individuals. Encouraging interested people to learn about parapsychology and metaphysics, he believes individuals can lead a more intuitive and empowered life. In his book, Infinite Quest, he references the numerous practitioners he has met throughout his career over the past 25 years. Additionally, he addresses the importance of developing a psychic sense.

John Edward offers an online interactive community, The Five, through his website, The Five is a more extensive form of his newsletter that enables readers to participate and engage in events such as live shows, readings, questions, and more. Launching in 2012, The Five is a paid subscription service of $5 per month; however, John Edward will maintain his free e-newsletters.