10 Essential Plugins For WordPress.org Websites in 2019

With over 54,000+ WordPress plugins to choose from, finding the right one can be an overwhelming task. But, with the right set of WordPress plugins and tools, you can grow your online business manifold.

Your website niche and business requirements determine what plugins fit you best. There are several plugins which are required for the efficient development of every WordPress website. According to Techieword, security, speed and SEO are all universal concerns for every business owner that cannot be compromised. There are multiple plugins in WordPress that are dedicated towards one specific feature, and there are plugins that cover a range of functions. Depending on the current requirements and resources your business have, you may prefer free or premium plugins—freemium plugins are useful as they are free in nature, with an upgrading option including advanced features. Upon Identifying optimal plugins, all you need to do is to install them.

Therefore, we have invested a lot of time and effort into identifying ten must-have WordPress plugins for online businesses in 2019:

1. Everest Forms (FREE)

For every website, there needs to be a 'Contact' page, where your audience can ask questions, resolve issues and provide valuable customer data. The purpose of this page will vary depending on what you want your audience to do; do you want them to provide feedback on your work? Find resolves to a relevant issue? Or give general site suggestions?

The Everest Forms plugin features a modern drag and drop interface which lets you build beautiful contact forms easily and quickly. The plugin includes general fields and advanced fields, which can create unlimited WordPress forms in multiple design layouts.

There are two design layouts that the Everest Forms offer:

  • Default Layout
  • Classic Layout
This plugin also allows you to create two-column WordPress contact forms, while advanced forms can include radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates and more. The free version of Everest Forms comes with a complete set of features that enable you to build solid and elaborate forms such as: Google reCaptcha support, editable email settings, redirect page options upon successful submission and editable form validation messages that make this plugin meaningful for most WordPress users.

2. MonsterInsights (Freemium)

One of the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, MonsterInsights connects with Google Analytics so you can better understand your audience, catering to their needs and resultantly boost your traffic. From real-time stas monitoring, to universal tracking that allows you to track user views from multiple platforms and devices—MonsterInsights will help you comprehend and transfer data (from Google Analytics) into beneficial action.

As MonsterInsights comes as a commerce-ready option, you can easily track product popularity, conversion rates and order values. If you have an Adsense account, this plugin will connect with it so you can track your ad performance as well.

Despite having detailed features like download tracking, outbound link tracking, events and performance tracking, user discovery reports. MonsterInsights still remains free, with the option of upgrading to the pro version which has a vast number of features and functionalities. Used by over 2 million websites across the world, MonsterInsights is proven to be a rewarding investment for WordPress business owners.

3. Jetpack (Freemium)

This is a powerful plugin made by a web development corporation named Automattic. The basic functionality of this plugin is that it takes care of website security, performance, traffic growth, image optimizations and appearance. There are several enhanced distribution features present in this plugin that automatically share your published content to third-party services, giving you increased reach and traffic. It also creates a sitemap for your website for easy indexing on search engines. Jetpack monitors your website every 5 minutes and notifies you immediately if any issues are found.

Though this plugin comes free, an upgrade will grant you more powerful features—judging by its popularity for well-established WordPress users, it’s worth it!

4. Akismet (Freemium)

Akismet is another plugin from Automattic and comes with every new WordPress core installation. The basic function of this plugin is to check and filter any spam comments or content within your website.

It also provides a detailed status history of every comment on your website, allows you to view approved comments for each user, see URLs in the comment body and remove any suspicious links. This free versions of this plugin is available all personal sites and blogs, but is implemented on monthly plans for business websites. Premium plans of this plugin provide advanced security solutions beyond regular spam protection.

5. OptinMonster (Premium)

Every business owner needs to set up a strong email list for business growth and accessing new demographics. With a lead-generation plugin like OptinMonster, you can easily transform your business website into a lead generating machine, with beautifully designed and personalized forms on your WordPress website.

With a wide collection of stunning pre-built templates, you can quickly start creating forms. OptinMonster's advanced page level targeting, custom display rules, A/B Testing and signature exit-intent technology helps you stay ahead of others in managing and transforming leads into conversions.

6. SEMRush (Premium)

An all-in-all marketing plugin that proves extremely useful for digital marketing professionals and business owners. It comes with powerful tools that can boost SEO, paid traffic strategies and optimized social media, content and PR strategy. It also gives you competitive intelligence on your competitors, upping your chances of outranking them (SERPs) and becoming an industry leader.

There are multiple functionalities that this powerful toolkit delivers like keyword research, backlink audits, track brand mentions, competitor monitoring, social media post analysis and much more.

This is a paid plugin and you can avail a free trial for 7 days once you sign up.

Please note: Ahrefs can also be an excellent alternative to SEMRush.

7. Yoast SEO (Freemium)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more prevalent than ever. With it becomes plugins that can help you optimize all SEO aspects of your WordPress site. A leading plugin being Yoast SEO.

Ensuring quality SEO driven content and improving search results for your business website is some of the very basics that Yoast SEO delivers. It focuses on creating user-generated content which is SEO wise and technically high performing. It encourages customer or reader trust, resulting in a sustainable SEO ranking.

8. Constant Contact (Freemium)

Emails are one of the most effective and reliable marketing tools that can make or break success for WordPress users. No matter how irrelevant an email may seem at first, they allow you to stay in touch with your users even after they leave your website. Therefore building an email list is a great way to achieve this - Constant Contact plugin being one of the world's leading email marketing service providers. This tool is equally efficient in the hands of a techie or a non-techy, in order to build email lists and send beautiful email newsletters to your subscribers.

Constant Contact provides quick and easy setup for non-techy users and works well with the popular lead generation plugins for WordPress like OptinMonster or WPForms.

Like many other WordPress plugins, Constant Contact is also a free plugin for the first 60 days and has premium packages at various prices and features.

9. WooCommerce (Freemium)

WooCommerce is a great choice for anyone who’s serious about turning their blog into a business. Used effectively by millions of eStore owners across the world, this plugin comes power-packed with great features to reach out to more people and witness your website's growth.

WooCommerce has several extendable shipping options like free shipping, local pickups and flat rates. Now, WooCommerce can be used by users who want to sell anything—be it physical products or service plans. WooCommerce also makes it easy for customers to checkout and pay by cheque, cash on delivery, credit cards or Paypal. Such convenience in a fast-paced world is what makes this plugin appreciated and valued by critiques.

With several add-ons that complement this plugin in the best way possible, WooCommerce installation is super simple. Just get it installed to your system, activate the plugin and run the setup wizard to get started. Someone has rightly said, great things have small beginnings.

10. W3 Total Cache (Freemium)

WordPress caching is one of the best ways to improve performance. If your website is getting too many hits, you can easily enable WordPress caching by installing W3 Total Cache. This plugin speeds up the process of new requests and previously generated data (or requests such as database queries).

This plugin features several features like page caching, database caching, object caching, browser caching. It also helps you integrate other CDN services to reduce page loading time . Furthermore, W3 Total Cache provides HTTP compression of HTML, JS and CSS files, this can save your website's bandwidth up to 80%. With comparatively lesser loading time, you gain better SEO rankings that lead to higher site traffic and more conversions.


As mentioned before, the choice of plugins entirely depend upon your custom website requirements. Therefore you’re likely to need custom WordPress development. We would recommend hiring a WordPress development company that can provide you with the best industry-standard services for your requirements. CodeClouds is known to be cost-effective and comes with a quality-assurance window for all their development services. Dedicated WordPress experts, 18/5 full online support is provided and are available at a cost-effective monthly rate.

To understand the intricacy of how to work with developers and ensure quality time efficient results—read this article on ‘Better Managing Developer Productivity.’