8 Best Sunglasses Review

Sunrayzzimports.com offers the highest quality of eyewear including AIR FORCE, BARRICADE BIOHAZARD, EYE-D, GISELLE, LOCS, MANHATTAN, and more. Let’s have a look at some of our brands.


Giselle does not only fit comfortably on the face and provide ultimate protection but also look fabulous with any style of clothing. The design of this stylish Giselle suits both with casual and formal clothing. Giselle Butterfly Frame Sunglasses 22260 offer full protection from the dangerous UVB and UVA rays. We sale Giselle in wholesale and price ranges from $34 - $60.


Polarised locs in all shades are made with high quality material and offer maximum protection. Buy wholesale Locs from and also you can get wholesale rhinestone sunglasses here.


MANHATTAN comes with classic style and is popular for manufacturing sleek eyeglasses in a bold design. Designated for both men and women. Nose Pads are adjustable. Best for those who have a wider nose and higher cheekbones. Comes with cleaning cloth and protective case.


NITROGEN contains men’s collection that is made of plastic. Polarized lenses provide extra protection to wearer's eyes. Nitrogen comes in different colors including black, blue, purple, Maron, and more.


Road Warrior Driving Sunglasses are the sleek and stylish type for men who want to look dashing, serious and studious. Frames are flexible and strong and fit snugly on the face and head.


Nice looking sunglasses are available in a big variety of beautiful colors. The lenses are clear and rectangular in shape.


We offer Air Force sunglasses at discount prices when you buy them in a bulk. Now you don't need to waste time buying and selling low quality and cheap material that your customers can easily recognize. Air Force Unisex sunglasses AV513 and Air Force Metallic Wrap Aviator are some of the widely used eyewear pieces, we have you covered.


Arctic blue include eye-catching glasses such as Eye-DMetal Wire Ladies 17004 and Eye-D Haute Couture Ladies sunglasses. Get them at equally discount prices as Air Force. There are many affordable options available for those who can’t afford our best ones. Cheaper options include Wayfarer Kitty Bow KT-04-GRD and Wayfarer Contemporary Classic WF02- MBRV they cost $32 CAD/DOZEN and $33 CAD/DOZEN respectively.


In 2019 we brought a lot of stylish specs. They are in style customers love to wear in all seasons. The brand includes a huge variety of over polarized sunglasses. Some of our eyewear include Barricade Cover Overs Polarized 609, Barricade Cover Over Polarized sunglasses, and Barricade Cover Over lens 611. These three pieces cost $68 CAC/DOZEN, $68 CAD/DOZEN and $44 CAD/DOZEN respectively.


We have rounded up the latest collection of 2019 in the form of CG. CG Polarized Sunglasses pz-38026 costs $69. CG Retro Vintage Sunglasses 37019, is the best of our CG which you can get for $37 CAD/DOZEN.


We offer wholesale sunglasses that are similar to Choppers. Compare and browse your favorite choppers and get the one that perfectly suits you in looks and price. Your eyes can come in contact with any kind of dangerous elements in daylight, you need a pair of goggles when you go out of your house. Choppers save your eyes from all types of external dangers and dust. If you want to go for safety eyewear in daylight Choppers Sleek Stylish Sunglasses 8CP6712 worth your attention. If you are doing business get them at the wholesale rate, we charge $39 `CAD/DOZEN for 8CP6712.


EYE-D Sunglasses is a must to carry style to get the perfect combination of quality and quantity at a desirable price. Eye-D Metal Wire Ladies Sunglasses 17004 is the first priority of female customers at our website. Then comes Eye-D Haute Couture Ladies Sunglasses 17007 which cost $53 CAD/DEOZEN. If you are looking for the most affordable EYE-D eyewear Eye-D Real Bamboo Sunglasses 11058 is there. `


Since 2004 Sunrayzzimports.com is selling sunglasses in the wholesale. TUNDRA sunglasses are designed for sports activity, best for buyers who need a durable pair of sunglasses. We offer the best combination of quality and price. We guarantee the authenticity of our services.


VG perfectly encompasses form and function. Classy VG is for women who love to wear highly protecting and charming sunglasses. The round lenses provide protection from Ultraviolet rays while the colorful design looks great with both office and casual clothing. VG frames are available in wholesale units. Each unit consists of a wide selection of color options.