Apply for Green card lottery for Ireland with Solutions in Law

Solutions in Law is a US immigration law firm based in London. We deal strictly with immigration law and assist everyone who comes to us maneuver the labyrinth of US immigration processes. We have helped so many clients from different parts of the world get their visas. One common area that we help our clients is the Green card lottery for Ireland. We will provide legal guidance in the application process and improve your chances of getting through.

Permanent Status in the US

Visiting the US on a temporary basis is not that easy. Applying for permanent status is even more rigorous. It involves long processes with lots of paperwork to accompany it. One of the ways of gaining US permanent status is by being employed by a US firm.If you have a spouse in the US, they can help you achieve the permanent status through petitions to the US immigration offices. Refugees or people who are seeking political asylum are also provided permanent residence in the US, but not just anybody are eligible for this unless they genuinely need such asylum. That leaves the other option of making a qualifying investment. However, not many people van raise the required investment threshold that guarantees permanent residence. Applying for green card is usually the way to go, but traditional green card waiting time can be so long. The green card lottery is usually the more popular means of getting permanent status in the US. The wait time is remarkably shorter.

Understanding the Green Card Lottery for Ireland

The US Green card lottery gives 50,000 visas for people from diverse backgrounds. Applications for these visas are only open for people from countries that are eligible. Countries from which the US has traditionally received many immigrants to the US are considered High Admission Regions. Such countries are marked ineligible to participate the annual lottery. People born in UK for instance, (with exception to Northern Ireland)cannot take part in it because it is a High Admission Region. It is best to note that no matter how good an application is, only a few people get picked through this process. There are only 50,000 openings to be shared among all the Low Admission regions, which is not nearly enough, given the high number of applications. Candidates who will eventually go through all the processes successfully are allowed to move to the States with the spouses and children aged below 21. Once in the US, they are accorded the rights and freedoms similar to other green card holders.

How to Take Part in the Green Card Lottery

You do not have to pay anything to participate in the green card lottery. It is free and is done via the Department of State website. Besides making the application, send photos of yourself and your family if any.

Eligibility Criteria

Just like any other immigration process, there are some set standards that have to be met in order to be considered eligible for this particular visa. First, is the minimum education level of the applicant, which must be on a similar level as the US high school diploma. The education must have been obtained in formal setting and not otherwise.

Alternatively, the applicant must have undergone two years training or practical work experience in an area that needs two years of training to be qualified. Proof of this training has to be produced when called upon for face-to-face interviews. You must also be of sound mind. Criminal records interfere with your chances of being considered. Your past and current actions must also not be deemed to pose a security threat to the US. Moreso, you must be able to work and earn a living in the US.

There is no age limit for application of the green card lottery. However, the fact that one must have obtained their equivalent of high school diploma renders most applicants under the age of 18 ineligible. The good thing is, if their parents are allowed entry, applicants under the age of 18 can accompany their parents to the US. Because this is a visa plan founded on the basis of diversity, the applicants are not required to speak fluent English as an eligibility criteria.

While getting through the lottery gets you closer to getting the visa, it does not guarantee you green card status. You still have to do a lot of follow-up applications and avail yourself for interviews. The interviews give you a chance to further prove your eligibility. You must ensure you engage a good lawyer to help you prepare well, because this is a very critical area of the process. While it may sound easy, applying for green card lottery can be very hard without the help of a lawyer who will help you navigate it all.