Best Toys are Simple… A Guide to Montessori Toys

So you want to buy a toy but not sure what to buy? You have bought several shiny toys, but your toddler ends up playing with the box and ignoring the hot new toy?

Well. No need to worry. It is a common problem. The problem most likely is that your baby is smart enough to ignore toys that do not challenge him either mentally or physically.

Have you been to a friend’s house where they have bought every imaginable toy on the planet for their toddler, and the baby does not play with any of them? That’s probably because of sensory overload.

A toddler needs are simple. Aside from a lot of love and cuddling—and food—she needs only to be mentally and physically challenged. She doesn’t need a multitude of toys. She needs one or two interesting toys that occupy her throughout the day.

Montessori is a method of education that is built on the idea the children are naturally creative and curious to learn new things. It is based on the concept that the child is interested to learn any and everything around him/her. And a Montessori Toy is one that stimulates learning by encouraging kids to experiment.

So, when you are looking for a Montessori toy, think about whether it challenges your baby to learn new things. Montessori toddler toys should be chosen wisely while keeping the age of the children in mind. Some examples of great Montessori Toys are:

1. Wooden Building Blocks

Building blocks are perfect toys to teach young toddlers valuable skills. Wooden building blocks are much better that plastic ones. Wood is a natural material and is a lot durable than plastic. It is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Wooden building blocks stimulate grasping and stacking with left & right hands. They also help coordinate the passing of an object from hand-to-hand and develop early spatial relations and perception skills.

2. Alphabet Puzzles

Young minds are ready to spell before the hand is ready to write. Giant alphabet puzzle with letters in bright primary colors are fantastic tools to teach alphabet to kids. Letters are raised above the surface of the puzzle board, for easy removal and fitting. Some toys have unique spelling trays that allow the child to stand up letters and build words by copying word cards provided with the puzzle. You can also get the toddler the fantastic Name Train. These are letters of alphabets in as train cars that can be connected to each other safely through magnets.

3. Memory Lockbox

The superbly crafted solid hardwood lock box with 3 separate compartments, 10 doors and 10 different latches are great toys that can help with memory. Light weight with easy grip carry-along handle, this very popular toy entertains the child for long periods of time. Children place their little treasures into separate compartments and then enjoy looking for them through the different doors. It develops hand control, muscle strength and finger dexterity, improves memory skills, encourages a sense of order and entertains young children for long periods of time.