Digging The History Of The Orange And Lemons Band

The band name "Oranges and Lemons" was first suggested and launched by a former participant of the band. Obviously the band was not very aware of the fact that the name was actually based on an English rhyme and a headline of a record by the English team XTC. Clementine Castro and Mcoy Fundales met in secondary university in the mid-1990s. The duo established relations with buddies from their region of Bulacan and went through several titles and proper names as such before gradually deciding on Orange and Lemon. Bros Ace and JM Del Mundo were in a team known as Colossal Youngsters when they met Castro and Fundales in a regional bar in Bulacan in 1999. Castro and Fundales with two other buddies were managed by Roldan "Bong" Baluyot of No Seat Affair (a regional control, reservation and manufacturing outfit) when they documented a two-track trial ("She's leaving Home", "Isang Gabi") in 1999 as Orange and Lemon. The music "She's Leaving Home" soon discovered its way to the stereo place NU107.5 FM's playlist. Even though they had been accused of borrowing themes and rhythms off Pinoy Ako TV show, they went on to make their songs!

The band went on break in 2000, but was back with the warmth in 2003 with the Del Mundo in the line-up completely. They began organizing and practicing exclusive songs that came out to be ripped parts of the theme song of Pinoy Ako series, that would gradually end up in their first performance and public appearance record, almost like in the movies and series that were out back in the same time. With a design of vintage songs along with substitute stone, the band’s primary musical shows resemblance varied from The Beatles and The Smiths, to The Treat and the bands that made vintage meaningful songs.

Where Did The Band Members Come From?

Castro and Fundales approached Bong Baluyot once again to manage the band and ten songs were documented in 3 times span due to a low economical price budget. After the songs were documented, Baluyot once again began seeking around for a brand that would take the team in.

The band had their first gig stunt in an organization in Makati Town known as Where Else? It was in one of those jobs that ONL met Toti Dalmacion, formerly of Groove Country, a regional songs shop renowned for unusual and hard-to-find information. Dalmacion was already playing with the concept of developing a separate brand that he would contact Terno Files. The brand would display unsigned and skilled Philippine performers with original audio and elegance that could (hopefully) successfully pass worldwide requirements. He suggested that ONL be the leading specialist for the brand. A one-album cope was finalized and that is how the careers of the band members eventually took up; in spite of the fact that they their songs had the resemblance to many well known themes like the theme song of Pinoy Ako!

Looking back to the life of the members of the ONL band, it hadn’t really been a very smooth decade for them, honestly. But their will to be able to hold on to the songs and the urge to make new songs is what kept them intact and not lose out on each other! The members came back in the year 2017 summer, as a trio and made originals that eventually ended up with the right set of audience.