Do you Know your Rights to Avoid Harassment by Debt Collectors?

Receiving calls for debt collectors is quite common these days. It can be very annoying and at the same time can disrupt your normal routine. Nobody likes to be threatened over phone! Surprised? Well, debt collectors can go to any extent for extracting money from you. If you have already been though such a situation, then you must know how difficult life can be! Especially if you have other issues to deal with!

There are a couple of important things which you need to know, in order to safeguard yourself from harassments. There are specific laws which clearly states the “don’ts” as far debt collection is concerned. It is very important that you are aware of them.

Common Complaints against the Debt Collectors

The Federal State Commission has released a report in the year 2018, where it has been pointed out that the numbers of registered complaints against the debt collectors have increased considerably. Here are some of the most common ones

  • Demanding Larger Amount: The FDCPA has clearly stated in their guidelines that the debt collectors are not allowed to misrepresent the amount, legal status or character of a debt. It means that they are not allowed to charge additional interest unless it is permitted by the prevailing law of the state. Sadly, most of the debt collectors resort to charging additional fees
  • Harassment: Debt collectors are notorious for dishing out different types of harassments. They would call you at any time, would bombard you with threatening emails. They might even knock you at your workplace in person! The FDCPA prohibit the debt collectors from carrying out such acts. There are guidelines which they need to follow when it comes to persuading someone for payment
  • Threats: One of the most common complaints which get registered about the debt collectors is the fact that they threat their customers of dire consequences, if they fail to pay on time or the amount. This is a very serious offense; however, it seems that they couldn’t care less!
  • Revealing Data to Third Parties: Often, in order to exert more pressure on the customer or to outsource the job, debt collecting agencies reveal personal data of their customers to third parties.

These are some of the common complaints which get registered at FDCPA about debt collectors. If you are facing harassment, then there are service providers available who can help you; Moorcroft Group is one such agency. They have the means and skills to make sure that you do not get bothered by debt collectors any longer!

If you are receiving threatening calls and emails from debt collector, you must launch a complaint immediately. Besides, you can also seel professional help to get rid of them.